PTO Snow Blower Repair

The following video is a how to fix a tractor PTO snow blower fan that no longer throws snow.  Over the years, I noticed that our snow in Northern Idaho is not staying the typical dry powder; now, it is primarily a heavy slush. January, historically, is our coldest month. Now, the coldest month seem … Continue reading PTO Snow Blower Repair

Strange Sound from the Sky! What’s that Noise?

Last Monday, July 5th, 2021, my family and I were surprised to hear a terrible sound that sounded like a fleet of jets flying over our house.  The noise started at 9:15 AM and dissipated around 10:15 AM. After much research, we have finally solved the mystery to this strange noise.  However, getting anyone to admit … Continue reading Strange Sound from the Sky! What’s that Noise?