I can’t believe this, yet here we are.

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Wrapping up the Harvest & The Chickens are out!

Letting our “Ladies” and Roosters out

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krista-with-rhode-island-red Krista and Ms. Rhode Island Red. This is our first time having the Rhode Island Red Chickens and they are a great addition to our flock. These ladies are great egg layers.

I am just about done canning and storing our harvest for the season.  I pressure canned our carrots from our garden last week and thought, OK, I am done for a bit.  I am planning on making jam with our berries, raspberries, huckleberries, strawberries, and Saskatoon berries, during the winter months.  But for now, they are all bagged and sitting in our freezer safe and sound.

krista-feeding-chicks Here chick, chick, chick! I love it when they all come running. Side Note: I left my chard and spinach for the ladies to eat. The greens are good for them.

Well, while I was walking our dog with my son I ran into a neighbor and he offered some apples from…

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