Cooking with My Wood Cook Stove- Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch: 4/4

Welcome to Part 4/4, the final video/blog in my video mini series, Cooking with a Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch. My final video will show how I maintained my wood cook stove while cooking my pumpkin pie and will show you my Pumpkin Pie all cooked and ready to eat!

I hope these videos encouraged you that you can cook in your wood cook stove and that it is not that difficult. It is like anything new, you just need to use it and practice.

From talking with others, each wood cook stove is a little different. It is my hope that these videos will give you an idea of how to use a wood cook stove and then you can modify as you need for your specific stove.

One tip: Check the wood in your stove and make sure your fire box has the right amount of wood in it to create the temperatures you need. Typically, I keep the wood in my fire box pretty full with a good wood ember base. This keep the temperatures up and for the Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove this works great.

Enjoy and Happy Wood Stove Cooking!!!

Krista and Pie_Background

An up close shot of my Pumpkin Pie.  It tasted awesome!

Behind the Scenes:  While I was filing the last part of this video I was running out of time.  My husband and I were needing to pick up our son.  So While I was off camera, I was cleaning up the kitchen and praying that the pumpkin pie would cook in time.  To my delight the pie cooked in time and we were able to pick up our son.

Thank you readers for your interest and may you have a wonderful day.

Cooking with My Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch: 3/4

Welcome to Part 3 in my series, Cooking with a Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch. In this video you will see how I make pumpkin puree from a sugar pumpkin and how I make my pumpkin pie filling using the pumpkin puree. Also you will see how I maintain and use my wood cook stove to do this. How fun is that? May you enjoy part 3!!!  Part 4 will be coming soon!

part 3A Krista

Homemade pumpkin puree!

Behind the Scenes:  While I was filming this section of the video, the background noise you hear is from our plow truck. My husband was working on it out in our meadow and he finally was able to fix it and moved it to the front of our house, where he finished prepping it to be ready for when the snow falls here at our homestead.  As an extra tid bit;  As I am writing this we still have no snow on the ground, which is very unusual.  We may not have a white Christmas, which would be very unusual.

To all our readers:  Here is a sneak peek at my finished Pumpkin Pie from my final video, Part 4.

Krista and Pie_Background

My finished Pumpkin Pie! Mmmm!!!

Thank you for watching and may you have a wonderful day!


Cooking with My Wood Cook Stove- Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch : 2/4

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of my video / blog series, Cooking with a Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie. In the video you will see how I make a pumpkin pie crust from scratch. Additionally, I pull out my sugar pumpkin from my wood cook stove and show what it should look like and what you do to test it to make sure it is done. Enjoy and Part 3 will be coming soon!

vlcsnap-2017-12-08-15h52m03s178Behind the Scenes:  When I was making the pie crust, I sure had a difficult time with the crust.  That seems to be the way when I am wanting to put something on video.  What do we call that, Murphy’s Law?  The amount of “patches” I had to do with this crust was starting to make me laugh.  Anyway, the crust turned out great and tasted awesome!

Also, I really like to use coconut oil in my pie crusts.  It gives a nice little flavor to the crust.  And I love using the pumpkin spices individually versus using “pumpkin pie spice”.  I think this adds a better flavor as well.

In part three of my video series you will see how to make the pumpkin puree for the pumpkin pie filling.

Enjoy the video and thank you for reading and watching!!!

Cooking with My Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch: 1/4

I am making a 4 part mini video series and therefore I am making a 4 part mini blog series: Cooking with My Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch: 1/4

This is part #1. In this series.  In my videos, I am going to show you how to totally make a pumpkin pie from scratch. You will see how to make your own pumpkin puree from a sugar pumpkin to use in your pumpkin pie filling, make your own pie crust, make your own pumpkin pie filling and use your own spices, all the while seeing how I use my wood cook stove to cook my pumpkin pie! How fun is that? Let’s get started!

In part 1, I show how to prep the wood cook stove for baking and show how to start cooking your sugar pumpkin to be able to make your pumpkin puree. How fun!, Fun!!, FUN!!!


A sneak peek for our bloggers!  In Part 2 of my series you will see how to make a pie crust from scratch.  How Fun is that!

Behind the scenes As I was making this video, I noticed that it was very long, almost 29 minutes.  Most people will not sit through a YouTube video that long, my husband had the idea of cutting the video into pieces and then releasing the different parts just days apart.  What a fun idea I thought.  As I was writing, I thought that it would be fun to call this my 4 part mini series.

Also what you do not see in the videos is the fact that my kitchen became very warm and I had to open my windows.  This is because I baked by pumpkin for the puree and then had to keep the stove hot for the pumpkin pie.  I typically do not do both of these tasks all at one time.  I usually make the puree one day and then make the pie on another day.  The puree will last in your fridge for up to a week.

I hope you enjoy my 4 part mini blog and video series: Cooking with my Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch:1/4

How do we have followers and subscribers?

This weekend our YouTube Channel grew to 500 subscribers.  However, we have been purposefully not chasing the YouTube algorithm.  Because of this, we never thought we would ever reach 500 subscribers within this past year.  We demonetized all our videos, intentionally try to stay away from click bait titles, and focus on content.  Basically, living as we preach.  We are thankful for all those who have chosen to follow our posts here as well; we are currently at 148 followers, three of which are male strip clubs in Australia. Who would of thought?

When we started this blogging it was to let others know you can live an off grid live style without compromising modern conveniences to the point that your life becomes all consumed with chores.  We still have many chores, but we have many of the modern appliances to shorten those duties to a manageable time line for us.  I still work full-time off the homestead while my wife works the homestead and her business, Pauper’s Candle Company, on the property.  When I get time off work, I am doing a large portion of the repairs, maintenance, and building new systems to integrate into our daily lives at Living a Sustainable Dream.  So, a big thank you to everyone who has been able to glean information or participate vicariously in our adventures in modern, off grid, homesteading in Northern Idaho.

Life issues today, solve problems of tomorrow

Look at it go… That 1st month was great and then… (see list to right)

Have I got a deal for you?  A cheap snowplow truck that is aged, but still looks good.  The engine runs, the plow blade lifts and turns.

Reality Check: The plow truck cannot go into first gear.  The mechanic during the transmission build discovered the flywheel is the wrong size and causes a shudder throughout the truck.  The 4-wheel drive must remain in 4-wheel drive because once out, it will not engage again.  The plow blade slowly creeps to the ground and must be lifted every 30 seconds.  The gas tank has slipped from its air-duct mount and is cutting into the drive shaft. The rear lights are blown and too obsolete to find a replacement. The motor on the plow is gone from constant raising.  The plow pivot rods were accidentally welded into the collar and sheared with use, leaving the plow blade on the ground detached from the truck.  The carburetor, well you already know about that.  One of my students told me Ford stands for Fix Often Repair Daily.  I am beginning to believe him.

While working on the carburetor to prevent a fuel leak from the brass fuel filter, the brass fitting broke inside the carburetor.  At this point, it seemed hopeless, but my mind traveled back in time in which I remembered a copper seat from a shower that did the same thing inside a galvanize pipe.  My wife found a tool at George Morlan plumbing supply that could reverse the stripped fitting out.  Thanks to the advice of the people working the counter.  That evening, I was able to remove the stripped fitting, replace it with a brand new copper seat, and have a shower that no longer leaked at the hot water side of the faucet.  I was so relieved because my only other option was cutting a huge hole in the drywall.  I really hate cutting holes in perfectly good walls.

The final straw… This was the end of the 2015-16 winter season. I realized the plow blade needed new mounts welded and a new collar for it to function.

Sometimes our problems and solutions to other events in our lives prepare us for new situations we will face.  I remember how scared I was about fixing that shower over a decade ago. Now with this carburetor, I was relatively calm and just needed to find a tool I stored away through three different moves and 10 years of time.  No problem, almost a decade ago, I created a plumbing toolbox and since this tool was used for a plumbing fix, it has stayed dormant, waiting in the toolbox until it was needed.

What problems are you facing today that are preparing you for life tomorrow?  This is just a mechanical issue, but we face relationship issues, work related issues, life issues every day. How have they prepared us for today?

Free Shipping? How could we forget?

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Our top seller this season is once again Christmas Cabin. It is that fresh pine smell but mixed with cinnamon, orange, cranberry, and bayberry, which reminds me of sipping a cup of hot cider while perusing the Christmas tree lot for the perfect tree.