Back Saver, Tree and Stump Remover is Kioti Tractor

I have discovered so many uses for my Kioti Tractor CK3510; I am continuously amazed. Every homestead that has acreage, gathers firewood, has animals, plants gardens and orchards, plans to build outbuildings, or lifts heavy equipment needs a tractor with a loader. For the first 6 years on the homestead, my wife and I toughed … Continue reading Back Saver, Tree and Stump Remover is Kioti Tractor

Winter Storm Nadia is Naughty.

I remember years ago in first grade our school taking two vacation days in February to celebrate the birthdays of President Abraham Lincoln, February 12, and President George Washington, February 21st.  We would work on crafts centered around both presidents and display them the entire month of February.  Today, schools celebrate Presidents' Day, which complete … Continue reading Winter Storm Nadia is Naughty.