A View to a Quiche

What inspired me to even attempt making a quiche happened many years ago.  My wife was out for the evening, and I was having a guy’s night in celebrating with a James Bond Marathon.  During the film A View to A Kill 1985 starring Roger Moore as James Bond and Christopher Walken as the villain, James Bond makes a damsel in distress a quiche out of the left overs in her kitchen.  I figured if James Bond could do it, so could I, and I grabbed a cook book and began making quiche out of what I could find in the fridge. We didn’t have any bacon, but plenty of chicken, so in a Bond like fashion, I made a quiche, which I proudly gave to my wife when she returned.  My wife loved it.  Mostly, for the romantic gesture, but also because she had a wonderful meal without the concern of preparing, cooking, or cleaning up after.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say baking a quiche saved my marriage, but I can honestly say the gesture did improve my ability to continually woo my wife’s affections.  Making dinner for my wife on her birthday has become our tradition.  I love doing it, but sometimes I catch her off guard and create a meal on a whim, which goes a long way in lifting my wife’s morale and stature as the love of my life.

A Quick Review of A View to a Kill

After creating this post, I decided to watch the movie “A View to a Kill” again.  I was amazed by the plot, which seemed to touch upon some present day concerns.  In the movie, a computer chip was developed by the antagonist, Zorin, which could survive an EMP attack, and this chip was intentionally leaked to Russia.  A computer chip was implanted into a racehorse to increase the horse’s speed at the push of a button, this is known as biohacking. Also, there was an inference that the antagonist was the by-product of biohacking himself to circumvent natural human development to increase intelligence, but the unfortunate side-effect was the creation of a raving sociopath. Next, Silicon Valley in California was stated to controlled 80% of the world’s computer chips in 1985 and was the target of the antagonist.  Once Silicon Valley was destroyed, he would control the world’s computer chip supply. If he could have waited for NAFTA, the WTO, and other trade deals with China, it would have been done for him within the next 15 years.

Sometimes I wonder if our movies are a script in which humanity watches, buries in the human subconscious, only to create the very path humanity chooses out of false implanted destiny.  Maybe, I give our media too much credit, and it is really a mirror reflection of what our culture is becoming and any quality think tank group could follow a similar path of development through a causal effect relationship.

I’ll I know is even though this movie was a typical Bond film of innuendo after innuendo to create coy shock and humor, it touched on issues that are now current media and even conspiracy topics of choice from the fall of Silicon Valley, biohacking, and an eminent EMP threat from possibly Russia.

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Thanks to the Fair Use Act for allowing this brief segment of the movie “A View to a Kill” to be used as an educational purpose in making quiche and the importance it has played into our family’s tradition.  I encourage everyone who is a 007 fan to choose their favorite Bond movie and enjoy an evening.

Chicken Quiche Recipe (See Better Home and Gardens: New Cook Book 1990 or newer to create an adaptation of your own.)

  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 ½ cups of milk
  • 1 ½ cups of shredded cheddar cheese, pre-mix cheese with 1 Tablespoon of flour
  • 1 Chicken breast chopped and cooked into bite size pieces season chicken breast with pepper, rosemary, whatever sounds and will taste good.
  • ¼ cup green onions
  • ¼ cup of olives
  • ¼ cup of mushrooms

Directions: Whip eggs and mix in large bowl milk with cheese/flour mixture.  Add dash of salt to ¼ teaspoon for taste.  Add other ingredients and mix thoroughly. Dump into precooked piecrust that is still hot out of the oven and place a complete quiche in the oven for 40-45 minutes at 375 degrees F.


Changing a Side-Mount for a Top Post Battery

Here is a quick video I did on changing the vehicle design from a side mount battery to a top post battery.  When I was filming this video, my cistern pump went out a day before, and when I got home from work, our Suburban was dead.  No connection, except a string of bad timing. The Suburban had a no start issue, and I knew it was the battery.  The battery was over 7 years old and needed to be replaced.  However, side mount batteries are not easy to recharge, jump, and keep the contacts clean . I understand why some cars used side mounts and then other cars like the Suburban has no excuse.  Side mount batteries makes it difficult finding a generic replacement, to use a battery charger, and generally costs more.  So, I am done with side-mount batteries.  I finalized the change with this video.

On a side note, I generally try to post once a week, I have a few posts this week, but I will slow down again to not clog up your reader.  As a person who likes to have a well dispersed WordPress Reader, I understand how frustrating it can get to see the same person posting on a daily or even an hourly basis, which clogs up the feed.  My wife and I are still debating if we will continue making YouTube videos.  My passion was always in writing, not cinematography, but I admit I am beginning to like learning how to edit.  That being said, there is no financial gain to creating posts or videos.  I am beginning to include more of our home base business into the posts, name of this blog, and videos.

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Thanks for visiting, we have another post scheduled for tomorrow.

What is happening to our students?

As a teacher of 17 years, student apathy seems to be increasing, and can eventually make any sane and helpful teacher go a little crazy.

I remembered this scene when I was in middle school and back then, I never even considered becoming a teacher. When I was in college, I discovered a zen approach to teaching, and I was the student as well as the master.

However, a few apathetic students have voiced on assignments and in class discussions that they could care less about our Constitution or our Bill of Rights.

I am a deeply concerned where this country is heading with a growing population that could care less about protecting their freedom of religion, speech, press (if we still had it), peacefully assemble, petition the government, the right to bear arms and protect yourself from those who wish to do you harm, the right to property, the right to protect yourself from false arrest or intimidation, the right to a warrant, the right to a jury of our peers, the right to a lawyer, the right to speedy trial the right to reasonable treatment by police, the right to reasonable bail, the right to rights not covered by law from local government to the federal government, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the right to vote, and my personal favorite, the right to more rights not listed in this said Constitution of ours.

Under Fair Use, this 5- 10 second clip was developed into a simple parody of comparing American Government teachers and the lack of student care or concern over their Constitutional Rights as citizens of the United States.

I have also altered the clip to embellish the level of frustration a teacher may feel over student apathy over their constitutional rights.

I have not seen “Back to School” 1986, staring Rodney Dangerfield since the late 80’s, but after all these years, I still remember the character struggle and plot, which by far surpasses “Billy Madison” which seemed to try borrow from it. This video will not be monetized, but by all means rent the movie “Back to School” and relive the 80’s once again.  The Rodney Dangerfield diving scene is unreal.

Don’t think it is all bad. Many of my students still care about their country and rights. I have a few students who even carry their pocket Constitution I gave them. However, there are those few moments in which I feel like this.

If you can appreciate an old teacher’s sense of humor, then you’ll enjoy this.

Breakfast a labor of love

Our wood cook stove is truly the heart of the home during the winter.  It heats the home, cooks our food, and heats the home’s domestic hot water.  Thanks for joining us on this quick video on us cooking breakfast on the wood cook stove, a true labor of love.

If you have never cooked on a wood cook stove before there really is nothing to it. The firebox is on the left side of the stove under the bacon pan. The egg pan is in the middle of the stove, but cozied up to the area in which the stove pipe leaves the stove for more heat.  The french press coffee is keeping warm on the right side of stove over the oven box.  The surface of the wood cook stove top is like an electrical stove burner for a conventional electric stove, except for the entire surface is hot to some degree.  The electric burner has a high, medium, and low temp setting.  The wood cook stove also has these settings. The difference with a wood stove is the high setting is over the firebox. The medium setting is in the middle of the stove and the low or simmer setting is above the oven on the far right side of the stove.

If you have a wood stove and not a wood cook stove, you could easily cook on the top of it during a power outage.  The only differences between a wood cook stove and a regular wood stove for heating the home is the top surface does not have a medium and low setting for heat.  Ways to adjust cooking heat on a wood cook stove is to damper the wood stove down or you could place fire bricks on top or use a medal trivet with legs to remove pans or pots from the surface to create a lower or warmer setting for cooking.  Wood stoves are great during a power outage because it could be used for heat as well as cooking and boiling water for tea, coffee, or sterilization.

When we lived on the Oregon coast, we had many power outages.  During these days of no electricity, we would cook on the top of our wood stove often.  Anything you cook on the top of an electric burner can be done on a regular wood stove with just a little more effort and planning.

Cistern Pump Quick Change

When the pump failed, I knew I had to change it before I left for work.  If I left the house before changing the cistern pump, my family would be without water for the day.  Unless they hand bucketed it from the cistern.  This was an early morning emergency that turned out well considering.

Behind the Scenes: We have been very busy lately, and I can honestly say I am really needing a break.  Jury duty has been aloof as my number was missed by 6 spots this week.  However, the last week in March, I am sure to be called up unless no trial is scheduled.  My son’s basketball season has come to a close and we now have our Saturdays back, but from the exhaustive week and fighting a cold, this Saturday will most likely be a day to relax and regroup.

Our business has slowed down, and we are retooling and getting geared up for the show/late spring and summer season.  YouTube an avenue/platform we are trying to use to help create some business exposure has been a demoralizing task after we lost any possibility of monetizing even though we chose not to monetize in the first place.  After a little bit of research, we noticed channels that still can monetize are promoted more by YouTube suggested videos watch, which means our exposure has been stifled. Not sure what to do.  Thinking of taking a hiatus from the channel, but I hate admitting defeat.

Thanks for your participation in our blog.  Let us know some of the daunting tasks you are facing right now in the comments below.

Snow Throwing the Roof & Wife’s Surprise

Our derelict cabin left by the original owners of our property has been slowly disintegrating with each winter.  One section almost collapsed, and in the past, I did a video in which I hand shoveled the roof to prevent the cabins creaking demise.  It was hard work, and I couldn’t physically do it again without wreaking havoc to my body.  We bought the smallest and cheapest snow thrower to get the job done.

I cannot emphasize the importance on knowing how to create the correct pitch roof for the trusses and the span that the home is designed.  We had our trusses for our home professionally engineered and delivered to our home site.  The company used a crane to place them on top of the walls, and we walked them to the correct location and nailed them in place.  We designed a 6/12 roof pitch to easily shed snow during the winter and give us the most peace of mind.  What I will do for the barn shop this summer is still in the air.  I have not decided as of yet if I will build the trusses myself or if I will hire it out.

When I finished snow throwing the roof of the derelict cabin.  My body was still pretty beat, but to my surprise my wife had been baking a special dish for me.  The  surprise my wife made for us is located at time index 06:22 in the video.

To learn how to start a stalled snow thrower without pulling the starter cord to the point of feeling your arm fall off, See time index: 04:30

Thanks for following our journey as we battle the elements in snow country.  We are still many inches of white slushy snow before we will see dirt again, but from what I hear, spring is just around the corner, somewhere.

Dog Gone It!

Losing your dog can be a traumatic event in Northern Idaho. If it isn’t the wildlife, there is also the real possibility of a neighbor releasing a barrage of defensive fire. In this clip, I explain a moment in which we lost our dog during a snow storm, the importance of finding her, and how we could have easily lost her forever.

What makes our dog run? I really don’t know exactly. We’ll be playing in the yard and she will without much warning give use what we call the crazy eye. She circles about 3 times and bolts.  No calling her back will get her to return until she has filled her wander lust.  I do know that our dog has an incredible appetite for wild animal feces.  She will chase deer just to scare up some more grub.  I know disgusting, but to her it’s the treat of the century.  Even though we buy her big bones to chew on, dog bacon treats, dog snacks and cookies; she will abandon them all for what she can find in the wild.

We do worry about her safety and have taken precautions, but there is always those unplanned moments in which she can and will escape. We are lucky she hasn’t killed a chicken yet, but we wouldn’t trust her to let her close enough.  We also take her on daily walks and sometimes we will even ride a bike and allow her to run beside us, but that too is risky if a squirrel crosses our path.

My wife and I discussed if we ever will get another dog.  We decided that this will most likely be our last pound dog.  We want to raise a puppy and develop proper behavior from the start.  We have adopted two dogs from the pound, and they both have had their issues.  The first dog we owned loved us and was very protective of us.  She would stay close by us and create a defensive perimeter when we went for hikes and camping.  She was great, except with small children.  She had a Heeler’s instinct and wanted to herd children and place them in a controlled situation in which she would not let them move.  So, when friends and family with children visited, we had to crate her.

As you know this dog we have now is very friendly and loves children, but she is a runner.  That provides a whole other level of stress during hunting season.  We have even been told by a neighbor that they had our dog within their sites and were debating on ending her deer chasing escapade.  She was only gone for 40 minutes that time.  My wife and I are debating creating a fenced area near the shop we want to build, just so she can run around and act crazy within a controlled space.