Pauper’s Candles July Candle Give-Away Winner!!

We are excited to announce our July Candle Winner!  Our off grid homestead business, Pauper’s Candle Company, gives a candle away each month to one of our Email Family Members.  If you want to be automatically entered into our candle drawing you can go to our website, and click “Join Our Email Family” in our top menu bar.

The winner this month will be receiving one of our new Summer Scents, Pineapple Cilantro.  We have been receiving some great comments about our new scents.

“I received my Candle yesterday ( Wed), and I LOVE IT! Thank you soooo much. ❤  I love it Krista.. in fact it’s burning right now.” 🙂 says our June candle winner.

“So the new scents are a hit! So far the Pomelo Sage is the new favorite.” Under the Sun, A Pauper’s Wholesale Account

June’s Candle Give-Away Winner!

Congratulations to Our Winner!

And the Winner Is…

Each month Pauper’s Candles gives a FREE Scented Soy Wax Candle that we make on our off grid homestead.  Those individuals who are part of Our Email Family are automatically entered each month.

Pomelo Sage small

Pauper’s Candles Summer Scent Pomelo Sage.

This month’s winner is receiving one of our new Candle Summer Scents, Pomelo Sage.  This scent is fresh and tangy with a touch of citrus.  I started selling this scent, along with our other summer scent Pineapple Cilantro, and received many positive comments while selling these at my Farmer’s Market.  You can purchase our candles at our online store.  Click here to Shop Our Store

If you are interested in being entered into our Free Candle Give-Away each month, you can Join Our Email Family by going to our homestead business website,

Think Kitchen Sink!

Kitchen Sink Pic Extra small

I love my 1940’s sink. This has been a terrific off grid sink.

We decided to purchase a 1940’s double sink, double drain board sink for our kitchen, when we built our home. Being off grid and knowing we would not have a dishwasher, we thought that this may be a great choice. After having our sink for 5 years, this has proven to be a super choice for us.

Having the drain boards built into the sink has proven to be wonderful. Having a double sink has been great because one does not need allot of water to do dishes: Just fill up the sinks, one with soapy water and the other with clean hot water and you can do all your dishes without using much more water from your faucet.

1940 kitchen

In the 1940’s these sinks were in every home from farm home to suburban home. They typically came with metal cabinets below. With a little searching, one can still find these sinks today! Thank you for the picture!

Most of the 1940 sinks had metal lower cabinets that the sink rested on. These sinks were installed in just about any home regardless the lifestyle, farm homes, to  suburban homes, to urban homes. The sink we found did not have the metal lower cabinets.  I recycled some wood cabinets from the old cabin on our property and made the opening on top fit my sink.  I then purchased a faucet from my local big box store and was able to find one that fit the holes that were already made in the sink.  I was excited to find a faucet that fit the sink.

If you love old, vintage things and like to recycle items these sinks may be a great choice for you. Picking the right appliances for your needs makes the day to day chores much more enjoyable. I am going to enjoy our sink for many more years to come.

Out Building Location = Smart Homesteading

Mark and I have been living on our homestead for about 6 years and every time we get ready to build an out building, garden, solar array, pump house, etc…we find ourselves asking many question such as:

  • Where do we want to locate this building or structure and why?
  • How often are we going to use this building or structure?
  • Can we use this building or structure for more than one thing?
  • During snow season, are we going to need to access this building or structure and if so can we put it near another building and be able to make one path to both?

Behind me is our home, solar array, garden, and wood shed ~ Location, Location, Location

We are about to break ground on a new shop/barn this summer and found ourselves wanting this building near our home because we are going to be using it for many different functions, shop for car repair, storage, Pauper’s Candle Shop, Room for small repairs, garage, and I am sure many more functions we have yet to think of .  As it has been said, “location, location, location.”

We hope this video encourages you when building your home, homestead, out buildings, shops, barns, gardens, orchards, to think about each structures function and place them together that best fits your needs.  Happy Building!

Off Grid Homesteading: Using our chickens to prepare the garden

On our off grid homestead during the spring, we like to let our chickens into our garden to help get the garden ready for planting.  We love our chickens and they love Spring Time!  They perform so many useful tasks and require little maintenance.  As we like to say, “A Happy Chicken is a Laying Chicken.”

Here is a little chicken video you can watch as well.

Chickens are great in the garden before and after planting season for many reasons:

  • They scratch around in the dirt and turn in all up.
  • They keep the weeds down, therefore no need to weed before planting!
  • They eat bugs and therefore keep them under control before planting.
  • They eat all the plants after harvest and clean up the garden!
  • By eating all weeds in the Spring and cuttings in the Fall they are receiving some great nutrients, which is very healthy for them.
  • You can use their manure after letting it sit for at least a year as fertilizer in your garden.

Since we have been on our homestead, I have really enjoyed our chickens or Ladies as I like to call them.  Chickens give so much and require little in comparison.

Our Off Grid Home Business Powered By Solar Energy

We would like to introduce you to our off grid business, Pauper’s Candle Company, where we create soy wax candles with the solar energy we create on our homestead.   How fun is that?  Here is a little video talking about Pauper’s Candle Company.

Our scented soy wax container candles are all hand poured.  We make our candles using 100% Non GMO Soy Wax, cotton wicks, and undiluted premium grade fragrance oils or 100% Pure Essential Oil.

Here is the old cabin that is currently our candle shop, Pauper’s Candle Shop

We are currently making our candles in an outbuilding that was on the property when  bought it.  It was not livable, but with a little paint and fixing, it has become our candle shop, until we can build our shop/barn this summer.  It is fun to up-cycle and use what you have and make it into something functional.


We would love for you to join! By joining you will be entered into our Monthly Candle Give A-Way

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our Free Monthly Candle Give A-Way.  You can enter by going to our website and clicking the “Join Our Email Family” button on the top menu bar.  We will announce the winner each month by email.  We will also include in that monthly email, our sales, discounts, announce new candle scents and any candle or homestead videos that are relevant   We hope you will become a part of our email family.  Just click HERE!

10 Tips for Building Your Off Grid or On Grid Home

Here are some energy saving tips to think about when starting to build off grid or on grid.  You can Click Here to be able to download your copy of our 10 Tips.  Enjoy!

  1. Tip 1: Face as many windows as possible South to optimize solar gain. This will help in two main areas.
    1. Heat Efficiency:
      1. In the winter, with the sun coming into your home more due to the low position of the sun, this can cut down on heating you home whether on grid or off grid.
    2. Energy Efficiency
      1. With having your main windows south, this allows optimal sun to come in and therefore not as many lights are needed to be used during the daylight hours.
  2. Tip 2: Cement Floor:
    1. A cement slab will capture heat from the sun to help heat your home in Winter and help keep it cool in Summer
  3. Tip 3: Having 2 foot eves assists to keep the sun out of your home in the summer and keep your home cool.
    1. Having two foot house eves assists in the summer months and does not allow the sun to come too far into your home and therefore this keeps your house cooler.
    2. In the Winter, when the Sun is low in the sky the eves on your home will not inhibit the sun and will allow for the sun to come into your home and warm it up.
  4. Tip 4: Up-Cycle when possible. It will save you $$$$!
  5. Tip 5: Place rooms on the North side that you want to be cooler
    1. Bedrooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, and pantries are great rooms to have on the north side of your home.  They do not need to be as heated as your living spaces
  6. Tip 6: Have your main living space towards the south to capture the heat and natural light.
  7. Tip 7: Have few windows on the North side of your home to keep heat in
    1. If in snow country and snow sheds on the North and South sides of your home, having minimal windows and having the windows up high will help with not having snow pile up in front of your windows and therefore loose heat faster.
    2. It is always better to have snow against an insulated wall versus a window.
  8. Tip 8: Have a window in your bathroom
    1. This will allow for natural ventilation and will save on using the fan, which saves on power usage especially in the winter months, especially those off grid and needing to use less energy.
  9. Tip 9: Plants love being in front of the south facing windows.
    1. Placing your house plants near the south windows will allow your plants to thrive. I have enjoyed having my herbs in the south facing windows and in front of my kitchen sink for easy use when preparing meals and they grow superbly.
    2. If you are a gardener, growing your seed starts in the south windows is great. I have enjoyed this.
  10. Tip 10: Place your Kitchen near the South windows
    1. If you enjoy plants this allows for easy watering of your plants.
    2. Also, by having your kitchen near the south windows, your kitchen is filled with natural light, which can save on energy usage.

We hope these tips help to get you thinking when you are preparing to build off grid or on grid, or are remodeling your home.  Enjoy!