Our Top 5 Christmas Traditions at Home

Christmas and Thanksgiving are perhaps our most favorite time of year as a family. We break out the decorations for Thanksgiving and as soon as December 1st arrives, Thanksgiving is replaced by Christmas. As a family, we have started many of our own traditions and also maintained a few of the ones we grew up with. In the video below, you will see our top 5. Feel free to share your Christmas traditions with us in the comments below.

May this holiday bring about a season of Peace in your lives this year.

Mark @ Living a Sustainable Dream

2 thoughts on “Our Top 5 Christmas Traditions at Home

  1. What a Beautiful Video. I love your traditions, the Little Cabin, the Beautiful Candel, and the sweet idea of Messages, “You’ve Got Mail”. ❤ It was wonderful to see all of your Faces and hear how you celebrate the meaning of Christmas.
    Our Christmas was certainly a little different this year, with the passing of our Beloved Taylor. We had all of the family here with Us on Christmas Eve. There was a LOT of Love, Laughter, and YES, even Tears loving Memories, of for our Missing Angel. But knowing She is in the Lords loving arms at this time, also brings Us Peace,
    We love you all so very much and thank you for sharing this beautiful family time with Us.
    Love and BUG Hugs,
    Aunt "Patty Dawn", Bruce, and Our family ❤


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