Burning Down the OutHouse

This spring we were working with the tractor and we had a spontaneous moment.  We decided to remove an eyesore on the property.  We talked about it for years; we just never really acted on the desire to remove the building until now.  In the video, you will see the burning of the property’s previous owner’s outhouse.

During the video, I discuss how this was the fad at the beginning of the 20th century.  When the outhouses of the day of old were burned, they were replaced by the newly installed water closets added in the homes.  I also talk about a poem my wife inherited from her grandparents cabin.  The poem is titled “The Passing of the Outhouse” by James Whitcomb Riley.  Here’s the link to the poem I discovered at a quaint newspaper out of West Virginia, the Hur Herald.  I really enjoy reading through their website; it reminds me of the first websites published in the late 1990s yet they publish the news currently for their area.

After you read the poem, feel free to share any humorous experiences or memories you have with a pit toilet at the old cabin in the woods.

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