Canning Wild Saskatoon Berry Jam

There is an old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This statement can be easily applied to food production and be rephrased as “Produce food which is native to the climate you live in.”  My wife and I have an orchard that has struggled these past 10 years.  We planted trees that are not native, but can grow in the climate, but our climate seems too harsh for our production. The soil is sand. We have amended the soil, but it is a constant battle for it to hold water.  With the several droughts over the years, we just can’t seem to produce much without compromising our garden for more water.  However, the native Saskatoon bush outside the protective fencing is thriving even in drought conditions.  The berries are ripe and ready for harvest each year, despite the late frost or the extreme heat for days.  The plant is a native species and has adapted to the wild climate of north Idaho.  When it comes to berry production, our raspberries have dropped in production, our blueberries just learned how to bear fruit this year, and our strawberries struggle to find their rhythm.  All the while, the native Saskatoon berries are in full production and providing pints of jam each year.

If you have been struggling to produce food this year, look to your native plants. Maybe they are a food source you can use to supplement your diet and your garden efforts this year. 

Enjoy the video in which Krista goes through a step-by-step process to canning Saskatoon berries into jam.   The berry is quite bland and husky compared to blueberries or native huckleberries, but the health benefits of this the berry is excellent and with the right flavoring, it’s delicious.  Here’s a website that describes their business in selling Saskatoon berry products.

Have you ever eaten Saskatoon berries? What do you think of this wild and prolific berry?

2 thoughts on “Canning Wild Saskatoon Berry Jam

  1. Hi Krista,

    I just watched your Jam video. and as you already know. “PI don’t can” J BUT I Love watching your videos. You make it seems so much fun, it “ALMOST” makes me want to start canning… J J J… But not having the room for a large garden area at our house I would have to buy all the vegetables, berries, ect… and it really wouldn’t be as cost effect for me. But I love seeing, and watching you make it look like so much fun, and GOOD… I wish I lived closer, I come steal one of those jars of jam, with the Liquor in it.

    Sending love and Hugs to you=all.

    Aunt Dawn ❤

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