Strange Sound from the Sky! What’s that Noise?

Last Monday, July 5th, 2021, my family and I were surprised to hear a terrible sound that sounded like a fleet of jets flying over our house.  The noise started at 9:15 AM and dissipated around 10:15 AM. 

After much research, we have finally solved the mystery to this strange noise.  However, getting anyone to admit to it has been a challenge since contact information leads to a series of offices not in the local area.  I am pretty sure the noise originated from a natural gas compressor station barley 3 miles away.  Being higher up the hillside above the compressor station, the acoustics were amplified into such a tumult that the sound seemed to be a possible fleet of jets, a possible forest fire in full blaze, eerie for the drought we are in, or something else.  However, the bark was much worse than any bite, but it would have been nice to see a notice in the local paper to expect such a noise for an hour on the morning the day after Independence Day.

So, my question is …Should a company providing such a large grid area inform the public about their actions either before or immediately after they create anomalies like this, or should the public accept whatever noise or anomalies are produced without explanation and become desensitized to events similar to these? 

If you side with the second, I understand the headache a corporation would have to inform everyone in a localized area they are about to disturb the peace. Which this event definitely qualifies as disturbing the peace. That being said, being out in the rural countryside on the morning of July 5th felt like a Red Dawn moment and a possible invasion of North Idaho.  I know, not much logic there besides who would want to invade Northern Idaho except for Californian, Seattle and Portland refugees?  

Since I brought up Red Dawn (1984) a horror/action movie that most Generation X’er will probably recall, I decided to include a clip of the invasion scene. This movie gave me nightmares as a kid. Who could forget this all-star cast that many of them went on to become the predominate main actors of the movies in the 80s and 90s? Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Strange Sound from the Sky! What’s that Noise?

  1. Chrysler made a cold war era air raid siren that was powered by a 331 cubic inch Hemi V8 gasoline engine. It’s official name was Chrysler Bell Victory Siren.

    Just fire up one of them outside the pipeline company HQ and see if you get a reaction….


  2. Well…I live in Brooklyn and just heard this noise. Almost like a plane going by very low…but instead of going by…the sound just seemed to hover. Even when it finally faded, could still hear it in the background. Did see planes in the sky and it seemed kinda busy I guess. But none were flying low. Weirdest sound I’ve heard…even my neighbor next door went out to his yard looked up at the sky and tried his best to figure it out. He didn’t see anything I unusual…but that sound…was diaturbing.


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