Merry Christmas from Living a Sustainable Dream

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays once again from Living a Sustainable Dream. May you and yours have a blessed and peaceful holiday season.

I felt this Grinchy clip was appropriate for the times we live in.

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” Dr. Seuss

We had our JC Penney’s shut down on us this holiday season.  Our JC Penney’s has been a major part of our community since 1916 as the 127th store established in the original chain, first called the “Golden Rule Store”.  I have been doing quite a bit of historical research through the 104 years of archives on the store in the local history museum.  I have been wanting to post a tribute, but alas, time escapes me.

During this season amongst the shutdowns and fear, I remember that I need to “Fear Not” because something much greater than I is at work, and I am not speaking of the W.E.F. when I say that.

My wife and I have been playing my parent’s old Christmas records (an audio recording pressed into a vinyl plate that spins around for you, young’uns). The music has reminded me of good, but also very lean times over the years as a child.  I remember times in which there were very few presents under our Christmas tree.  Money was very tight, and we could only afford the necessities.  However, during those times, these records would spin and the music they brought forth were part of the “comfort and joy” of the season as we embraced the true meaning of Christmas beyond the commercialism and the hype.  Sometimes the music with the crackle of the needle hitting each scratch of the Christmas carols while watching the snow fall late at night around the streetlight was enough.  And, today it still is.

May you and yours have a warm, blessed, and peaceful Christmas this year.

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