Facing Life’s Challenges

Just a quick update on the homestead.  With the start of school and being a teacher entering the classroom during a pandemic, I find all my free-time evaporate into converting in class material to be accessible online.

Needless to say, I have no down time.  Blogging and video creation for Living a Sustainable Dream is a hobby I rarely get to visit these days.  I will be heading out to the wood shed shortly to begin splitting and stacking firewood.  On a beautiful autumn day such as this, I will find it rejuvenating.

I hope you are well during these days.  I have many thoughts about the times we live in, but there are so many people pontificating about everything, I find myself not wanting to join in.  Besides, I do enough of that mediation in my classroom, teaching American Government.

If you stayed all the way through the video, you will have noticed my dad had a stroke.  This was a real scare for the family and if not for my mom being there, he would not have survived.  Currently, my dad is doing very well. He will need therapy, but he has improved greatly these past few weeks.

May you have a blessed day.

6 thoughts on “Facing Life’s Challenges

  1. Life is short, cherish them….. Hope they didn’t have to deal with any of the fires or so called peaceful protests…. Be well.. Del


  2. I am so envious of your vegetable garden. We’re having a very wet spring here which will translate into good growth later, but for now the herbs and lettuce as ‘slow’. The fruit trees look as if they may provide a bumper crop though. Assuming we can stop the cockatoos and possums from eating everything before it ripens!
    I’m glad your Dad is okay. -hugs-


    • The garden gave us enough to get through the winter and spring. We are going to redesign the garden boxes and gopher proof the garden next year.
      Canning supplies are becoming scarce in the U.S.. Are you able to get canning jars and lids where you live?

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      • I’d like some canning jars and lids but haven’t really looked online yet. The only produce I’d preserve would be fruit as a compote so still have a few months to wait for that.
        One of the things I’ve been mulling over is buying the frame for a small shed and just covering it with flywire to keep the bigger pests out. So far it’s just mulling though. Energy is always at a premium. 🙂

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