Pressure Canning Carrots and Pressure Canning Basics

If you don’t know how to use a pressure canner and would like to learn, this is a great video for you.  Carrots are a real treat fresh from the garden, but that experience doesn’t have to end with the harvest season.  Carrots can be canned and preserved for the entire winter and into summer while the new crop is growing.  We enjoy our carrots in stews, soups, pot roasts, as a side with butter, and in a variety of other dishes

I remember the first time we used our pressure canner 10 years ago.  It was Halloween Night and for us at the time we couldn’t think of anything scarier to do.  We had never used a pressure canner before and we only heard the stories of kitchens blowing up, injuries for life, and well the imagination adds quite a bit to the stories.

Pressure canning really isn’t that scary. To make a pressure canner do all the nightmarish things you may have heard about, a person has to intentionally do all the wrongs things and force it into a explosive state, or the person is completely negligent, does all the wrong things, and leaves the canner to watch television with headphones on, or leaves the house for hours with the stove on high.  Who does that?

I am very proud of my wife. She has become a great food provider for our family.  In the fall when I am away at work, she creates jars and jars of food for our pantry.  She has a system and a rhythm in which she processes the food for our family’s future consumption.  As a family, we enjoy our garden all year long until the next harvest.

Once Krista with sweat on brow was just finishing a days canning in early October. She said, “I am so done with canning and I don’t want to look at this canner again.”  By early next summer with the garden growing and with the flowers of the cucumber, Krista smiles at me and says, “I am feeling the urge to get the canner out.  I am excited for harvest!”  Canning and processing food is hard work, but for us the rewards are worth the process. When its done, it’s like staring at a beautiful work of art, a mosaic of carrots, pickles, green beans, tomato sauce, sweet corn, pumpkin, peaches, pears, apple sauce, and strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, apricot, and Saskatoon jams.