Top 5 Search Results over 5 Years; it’s our Blogiversary

We accept this award… Our digital plaque as a representative record of our blogging.


Today is the official fifth year anniversary of Living a Sustainable Dream.  In honor of our fifth year of blogging, I would like to share with you our top five most viewed posts over the last five years. These are the posts  search engines recommended the most.



5.) “He who can does, He who cannot teaches,” George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman 1903. Published September 17, 2016. Views 600.

Ready and willing… The classroom is decorated for the social studies classes I teach. Purposefully decorated with lots of info on the importance of our individual rights and Constitution.

Never quote this to a teacher unless you are prepared to eat these words.  I explain my role as a teacher, but also how being a teacher, I have the power to teach myself to do anything.  I can read a book, watch a tutorial, and put into practice what I learn.  Through the art of teaching, I can teach myself to do anything.  In the article, I briefly cover how some abuse this quote to insult teachers. I have proven the quote false on many occasions, and I teach students to become their own best teacher and teach themselves to do for themselves instead of waiting on others to do it for them.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are incompetent teachers out there, but there are incompetent people everywhere; it doesn’t matter what vocation you have. I wonder if the popularity of this quote is due to teachers looking at this quote to better understand it or individuals trying to insult teachers. Those who intend to insult will find an underpaid teacher here teaching himself auto mechanics, plumbing, electrician work, basic construction, video editing, and more because he can’t afford to pay some else to do the work. Remember you are your best teacher, and you can teach yourself anything if you give yourself the chance to fail and succeed.

4) Domestic hot water from a wood cook stove. Now that’s a hot idea. Published June 6, 2015. Views 792.

As if anything in this world can’t be free, yet I explain how I plumbed our house using hot water that is heated by the wood cook stove.  This is the first post in a series of posts that explain how our hot water system works and during the winter months, I take what I call “free” hot showers.  The wood cook stove heats our home, cooks our food, and heats our domestic hot water at the faucets of the tub, sinks and washing machine.  I can understand why this post is popular for off grid and living sustainable searches.  Combining systems saves energy and money.

3) How to turn a freezer into a refrigerator. Published July 23, 2016. Views 1,174.

We be chilling, using a freezer as a refrigerator. A money and off grid savings tip, it’s no wonder this post is 3rd from the top.  The freezer conversion to a refrigerator uses the thicker insulation of the freezer to maintain a steadier constant temperature requiring less energy.  It is a wonder why refrigerator companies do not insulate their products better, but with an abundance of electricity from the power grid, who cares right?  Now, with rolling brown outs during high winds in California, it’s no wonder why a post like this would gain in popularity.

2) How to start a generator when the pull rope breaks. Published April 29, 2017. Views 1,982.

When a person is at the end of their broken pull rope assembly, they turn to solutions on how to start their generator that works perfectly fine, except for the broken rope of course.  When looking at the search results many remote areas in the world are finding this article.  It is no wonder if you are surviving on generator power, broken ropes can’t stand in your way.  It is also unfortunate that many of the manufacturers are not providing replacement products to fix a simple part as a broken rope.  The replacement pull assemblies offered are junk, do not fit the generator I have even though the computer says it does and a suitable replacement can’t be had.  My generator works fine except for the starter rope, another fine mess global trade has gotten us into.

And for the top search post in the 5 years of blogging, drum roll please.

1) When the electric log splitter dies. Published July 30, 2016. Views 2,242.

How many people have bought an electric log splitter at the store and had it break on them, well the answer would be most likely around 2,242. We have had our log splitter for over 6 years.  It broke down 4 years ago and after I fixed the machine and ran the correct gauge electrical extension cord, I haven’t had a problem since.  Perhaps, I need to do a follow up post on maintenance for these gas saving tools.

Thank you for celebrating with us on our 5 year blogging journey.

Please comment below if one of the above mentioned posts was a personal favorite of yours or if you have a different favorite.  We are compiling a list of your top picks.


So far, we have…

  1. “The water system upgrades” suggested by 53old
  2. “baby moose and its’ Mama.” suggested by Sandra Habelt




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