Fifth Year Blogging Anniversary and 10 Probing Questions

Recently amidst all the world’s ails we were challenge to a collaboration with another channel, Breaking Free Off Grid.  Generally, I don’t usually do collaborations, but given the times we live in, I have a strong desire for a sense of community.

It has been fives years since we started blogging, and our world has changed over those five years, or should I say the past five weeks.  We started blogging our off grid lifestyle educating our friends and family who thought we had de-evolved into a caveman and a cave woman, to educating people on key money saving systems, homesteading techniques, our favorite recipes, off grid systems, and the debauchery of social media.

The collaboration video premiers at 8:30 PM, PCT tonight, March 25, 2020.

We have had a lot of fun and growth during these five years.  During the above collaboration video, I snipped and clipped videos and pictures from the past five – ten years.  I was looking at these pictures and clips and realized how much has changed. I am thankful to having been part of the blogging and vlogging world and I enjoy the variety and creative outlet this tool has provided me.  Thanks for being a great audience these past five years.  Here’s to the next; it should be interesting to say the least.

Over the next week, I am planning to do a feature of our top five stories over the past five years.

Please comment below concerning which story has been your favorite over the past five years, or which story has led you to follow this blog.

2 thoughts on “Fifth Year Blogging Anniversary and 10 Probing Questions

  1. Great blog! Always inspiring to see how you both navigate Homesteading, off grid. Continually impressed how you make it all work. I’ve liked so many of the blog posts, but my favorite, was the filming of the baby moose and its’ Mama. Blessings to the family. Love you. Mom


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