Amazing Affordable Homemade Salmon Burgers

Comparing the price of making your own salmon burger to the prepackaged frozen pucks at the store, there is no comparison in price and taste.  In the post today, you will learn how to make your own amazing affordable homemade salmon burgers.  Yum!
See Salmon Recipe on can label below.

Years ago my brother came to visit, and we decided to have a nice outdoor grilled dinner.  We wanted hamburgers, hotdogs, and my brother surprised us by bringing frozen salmon burgers, which was a real treat.  They were delicious, and a few weeks later, we wanted to have grilled salmon burgers again.  We found the patties pre-made in the freezer section near the meat counter in our local store, but after a few times of purchasing them we couldn’t justify the $11.00 price tag for only 4 patties.  Krista is a great cook and I knew she could make it from scratch, but fresh salmon at the meat counter was well above $15.00 a lb.  After thinking a bit, I knew Salmon meat was canned and sold in the canned meat aisle.  Canned meat is a great option for people with limited freezer space.  We have canned our own chicken meat before, and if we have an abundance of deer meat, we would can that as well.  Canned salmon is not much different.  Canned salmon is less than $4.00 a can and produces around 6 patties.

  • Frozen, pre-made, store bought salmon burger costs $11.00+ for 4 patties.  Each patty costs $2.75
  • Canned homemade salmon burger costs $4.00 for 6 patties.  Each patty costs $0.67.

That’s a 2.08 savings on each patty.  Now you can afford to feed your family on that.

The Best Salmon Burger… This is the recipe endorsed by Chicken of the Sea and their Pink Salmon Traditional Style can.

When making the salmon patties we use the recipe on the back of the can and modify it slightly for taste.  The recipe is great and we personally think the homemade patties taste better.  When, in this day and age, can a person boast about better quality for a better price!

Comment below and share your favorite canned salmon recipe.  We love to trade recipes.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Affordable Homemade Salmon Burgers

  1. I love your cooking videos. You make me want to go make them. My Mom use to make these all the time, and I haven’t made them for years. Thanks for sharing.


    • We love these salmon burgers. For a real treat, we splurge and buy a fresh avocado. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, you can enjoy a delicious salmon burger this week. Let us know how it turns out and please share your mom’s recipe.


      • I don’t know that she really had a “Recipe”, but I think it was pretty much the same ingredients that you used. I’ll let you know when I make them again, and I WILL add the avocado . 🙂 ❤

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