Emergency Lighting: Battery Powered LED Light Bulb

What is the best way to prepare for a power outage?  There are so many things a person can do to prepare their home for when the grid goes down. Here is one more tool to help you during a brown/ black out.

A few years ago, my cousin introduced me to a battery powered LED light bulb.  There is a battery placed inside the base of the light bulb. When the electricity is off during a brown or black out, the lamp light will still work.  I find these bulbs to be very convenient.  Even though I live off the grid, and I create my own nightly brown outs during the winter to conserve power; I can always keep my strategically placed battery LED to be lit until I retire for the night.

Perhaps, you have heard of Elon Musks’ Powerwall, a battery that powers the house at night instead of the grid and is recharged during the day.  The hope is to tax the power grid less and save money on the electric bill.  This battery operated LED bulb is kind of like a mini version of the Powerwall.  It provides light during the evening when the grid or house is powered down during a money saving event or to assist during a grid wide brown/black out.

I find the battery LED light takes about .4 amp/hrs of power to recharge and use, while my standard LED light bulbs take about .3 amp/hrs.  It is worth it to have at least 3 hours of lamp light at my disposal late at night without having to power the invertor.  My wife and I placed one light in the kitchen, two in our bedroom, on in the guest bedroom/office and another in the living room.

The downside I mention in the video is strange but true.  The battery lights do not work on a switch that has more than one bulb.  It also will not work with a dimmer switch, and it takes 8 hours of electrical power to charge it to run efficiently for 3 hours without power.

However, in a pinch or you want to save money and power your home down for the night.  This might be an option for you.  It would also help greatly during a power outage.  When we lived on the grid, I remember when the power went out, we knew exactly where our flashlights were stored, however, navigating to that specific drawer in the kitchen was often difficult in the dark.  With a few of these bulbs in strategic locations, that sense of danger such as falling in the dark could be avoided.

Let me know your thoughts on the battery powered LED light bulb.

3 thoughts on “Emergency Lighting: Battery Powered LED Light Bulb

  1. Good work again Mark…brilliant. For our energy system we our lucky to still have our original 12 volt batteries and wiring left in place from back in the 80’s, when modern invertors were at early stages of development and extremely expensive. Even LED bulbs weren’t available back then, but gradually we converted our old 12 volt lighting to first CFLs, then LEDs. When finally in 95′ we got our first modified sine wave invertor, we added standard 120 volt wiring as we renovated and rebuilt… I thought it would be too much work to take out the old 12 volt wiring, so most the rooms of our home still has some efficient 12v. lighting, as well as our modern 120 volt LED lighting that runs of our 24volt powered 24 kw Magnum invertor.

    It is amazing how much energy the invertor draws when on standby, isn’t it? Good to get around it as you are doing. Even standby still draws quite abit. We are so grateful that our creek micro-hydro power allows us to have 1.2 kilowatts of continuous input, unless it hasn’t rained for a few weeks. We cook with electricity and also run our modified 30 gallon Electric Hot Water Tank that has its 2 elements wired in parallel @ 120 volts; hence it draws only 375 watts when on…. we preheat water through a solar batch water tank or through our woodstove water coil that circulates via natural convection.
    It’s so wonderful you too are practicing innovative strategies and sharing them with others. If I was a student again, I’d love to have you as a teacher…. I’m certain you help your students to think for themselves creatively, and “out of the box.”

    Cheers to you and Krista.

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    • Thanks Bruce for your continued readership and positive comments through out the years.
      When we were first planning our house, I wanted to have DC lights and appliances. The only place I found DC lights and appliances were in the sailboat communities that circumnavigate the world. However, those components were too expensive. The AC is cheaper, but the invertors do have a significant phantom load. In the spring, summer, and fall it doesn’t matter much, but during winter it is a problem. Wish we had a creek or river near enough to generate power. Instead we have Clementine our Kioti tractor and pto Winco generator, until I can supplement another way. Hoping a shop build will provide a place to tinker a bit and create an affordable wind generator.
      Take care of yourselves as the climate transitions to spring.


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