Best Wool Coat for $6.50: A 25 Year Review in the Making

How is it possible a wool coat could last 40 years and in almost perfect condition?

25 Years Ago we said, “I do.” It just confirms I need eternity with my wife because time seems too brief.

My wool coat was purchased in our first year of marriage 25 years ago.  I am amazed that it has lasted this long, you could take that either way.  To have a coat that hasn’t fallen apart with regular seasonal use is almost unheard of, especially since the coat was purchased second hand at the Salvation Army and could be around 40 years old.

As far as our marriage of 25 years, in this day an age that is becoming if not more rare than my old coat. Younger generations are struggling to maintain their marriages.  Over the years, we have witnessed many of our friends and family members marriages fall apart.  Sometimes I turn to my wife and ask if we are okay because I don’t want to be blind-sided.  My wife asks me the same thing.  In fact, through our whole marriage, we have done checks like this and if things aren’t going too well, we try to change it up together.  I can’t say we haven’t had our fair share of heated arguments these past 25 years.  Most of our arguments develop from the stress of work, moving to a new home, building a home, the hormonal changes due to the aging process both in men and women, parenting, bills, pressures of debt before we paid them off, sailing, or one or even both of us might be just really hungry.

As a family, we spent the day enjoying a scenic fall train ride with our church this year.

We have had many adventures over the years, but the biggest adventure has been becoming best friends with my wife and sharing our lives together.  If I could slow the world down and pause a moment in time, it would be to have a cup of coffee, discussing whatever topics come to mind with my beautiful wife while lounging in our pajamas the entire morning away.   Since Farmer’s Market has come to an end, this would be the beginning of most our Saturdays and when Thanksgiving break gets here next week, I plan to add a few more days to our special Saturdays.  This is how I slow time down and enjoy the moment with the most incredible person in my life.

Wait, I was discussing a wool coat right? Who cares? There are far more important things in this world than a wool coat.  The wool coat is nice, but the real surprise is how fast 25 years has passed, and how I could use eternity to spend more time with my beautiful wife.

3 thoughts on “Best Wool Coat for $6.50: A 25 Year Review in the Making

  1. I always Love to see your videos, and follow your lives. Today I want to say: “Happy 25th Anniversary” to you.
    A lot a changes have been made in your lives, and what a wonderful story it’s been. There’s nothing more rewarding, than finding “That perfect person” to spend your life with. And I believe you have done just that.
    I also believe, like that $6.50 gift, if the threads that have held it together, so beautifully for so many years, the threads that bind our lives together, will also stand the tests of time. ❤
    I love you,
    Aunt Patty Dawn

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  2. My husband and I have been married since 1994 and we couldn’t be happier. Just as I choose things to purchase, I think we should do our research when choosing a mate. 😉 I didn’t choose my spouse for his looks or the dollar figures he could bring in. We chose each other for the commonalities we shared. You really want to choose your best friend. Someone who has your back and who loves unconditionally through the good and the bad. Many people are into how they “feel” in the moment. Our feelings can betray us and blind us to the realities of any given situation. We really need to engage our brain and honesty is always “the best policy” in any relationship. If it’s not going to work out, you usually know early on, and you need to do both partners a favor by being honest to save yourselves from heartache and misery down the road 🙂 I LOVE your videos and what you are accomplishing and definitely would love to follow in your footsteps. Obviously it is achievable. Great job, and keep up the great work.


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