How to Pressure Can Green Beans is a Snap!

All can goods on the shelf in the grocery store can be done at home.  When I was younger, the only canned food I ever saw my mom produce in our kitchen was peaches, pears, and jam. I grew up thinking only large corporations had the secret of canned goods placed for our modern convenience on the grocery shelves.  My naivety was shattered when we realized the quality of food in those cans were changing.  Peaches were canned unripe and hard, tomatoes were flavorless, green beans squeaked and squawked as if eating a balloon.

When we moved out of the city and I became the main bread winner, my wife became the main bread maker. She researched and experimented with baking, cooking, gardening, and canning.  I remember when she bought our first pressure canner and waited for me to be home to attempt using it.  What was a thrilling, scary experience for both of us, watching the pressure canner work as it pressure cooked jars of pumpkin.  Now it is no longer a thrilling experience of fear and wonder, but the rewards are still worth the effort.

In this video, my wife is pressure canning our green beans harvested from our garden. I cannot express to you how the taste and flavor rivals the mass marketed tin cans on the shelf.  The taste is worth the effort alone.  The health of the food we eat is paramount in a world of short cuts, compromises and corruption in our food industry.  We are still new to all of this, but books out there are easy to follow and we are improving our skills each season.

Enjoy the weekend.  Hope your harvest is bountiful this year. If you don’t have a garden, visit a local fruit and vegetable stand and try some pressure canning this season.  The thrill of it is an experience of its own.


5 thoughts on “How to Pressure Can Green Beans is a Snap!

  1. I always enjoy your videos so much. I especially loved your story about your Grandmas bowls and how you kids helped get the beans ready. My Grandma and Marks Grandma canned too, and one of my fondest memories was “Snapping green beans ” for Grandma, and watching her can all the wonderful food from her garden. I’ve never had room or time for a large garden, but we do have a few tomato, pepper, cucumber, and cauliflower plants. I don’t can, but we sure have enjoyed the bounty of our efforts.
    I must say, “You DO always make me want to try it though.”.. 🙂

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