How to Can Tomato Sauce the Easy Way

It’s all about the variety… Krista talks about the different heirloom tomatoes in our garden and how they make the best sauce together.

My wife’s tomato sauce is a great treat! She preserves the taste of our beautiful garden fresh tomatoes throughout the year. When September rolls around, we can see a variety of heirloom tomatoes entering the kitchen for processing. Store bought tomatoes don’t even come close to the taste of a fresh tomato off the vine in the garden.  My wife does an amazing job preserving the tomatoes’ taste for the variety of dishes she makes with her sauce.

Before my wife learned the technique, she read in a book that she needed to blanch the tomatoes in order to peel them.  This was by far the most tedious way to make tomato sauce; it was time consuming, hot, and a pain, literally.  She learned that using the food processor in the beginning, cooking down the tomatoes and straining the skin and seeds is by far an easier process, and she recommends it to any serious canner who wants to can their year supply of tomato sauce from the garden.

Having a nice homemade tomato soup, from our garden fresh tomatoes while watching the snow fall outside during December is a real treat.

Last year’s batch is finally dwindling down, and our heirloom tomato patch is over flowing with green tomatoes preparing to ripen under the August sun.  It’s a beautiful site for a homestead who relies on garden produce to be a major part of our yearly diet.  This effort saves money at the grocery store, but also gives us a taste of what the stores can no longer provide its consumers.

If you don’t garden, you should consider it.  We bought a book years ago before we found our off grid paradise, so we could experience the fresh taste of garden produce in our apartment.

The book is called The Apartment Farmer, start your apartment farm tomorrow, so you’ be ready when you have the land to plant your dream garden.

Newcomb, Duane. The Apartment Farmer. Los Angeles,  J.P. Tarcher Inc., 1976.  The Apartment Farmer The Apartment Farmer

2 thoughts on “How to Can Tomato Sauce the Easy Way

  1. Krista… I love your videos on canning .. I’ll never do it, because I don’t have a large enough garden, but I’m so impressed with your passion. Always enjoy all of the videos. Keep them coming.
    Aunt Patty-Dawn ❤

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