How to Relocate a Skunk (without getting sprayed much)

It was Sunday morning, we awoke wondering whether to attend the early service at church. However, the older chickens at the coop were making a ruckus. Either the skunk had breeched the refortified coop last night, or he was caught in the live trap.  I slipped out the door with my camera phone in hand and caught the first glimpse of the varmint caught in the live trap.

In the following video, you see my first shot of the trapped skunk.  There was much debate on what to do.  My wife and I researched online how to relocate a live skunk without being sprayed and the rules of such a relocation.  The local store we talked to that we purchased the trap Ponderay Co-op advised us to relocate the skunk verses killing it, due to the smell could last for several days or even weeks if the skunk’s scent sacs were ruptured.   The relocation needed to be ten miles minimum as the crow flies from the house.  I took it to a wildlife refuge that would be its natural habitat verses my chicken coop and derelict cabin.  Loading it up without being sprayed is the real trick.  I used the tarp method sneaking up on it.  I learned this from several locals who knew from their own experiences.

Warning: This video shows no weapons, violence, death, sexually explicit material, or harsh language, yet it was found unsuitable and demonetized by YouTube.  Petition is in progress.

Once the skunk and live trap were wrapped and loaded in the bed of the old pickup, I was good to go.  I was glad to have fixed the pickup a day earlier.  I just hadn’t had a chance to test drive it until the relocation of the skunk was the utmost necessity.  If I didn’t have that old pickup, I would have had to dispatch the skunk through the live trap which could have cost me the trap if my buck shot ripped through the wire mesh.  I didn’t want the extra cost, so I was glad to have the old Ford.

During this whole process, I was on edge.  I had just replaced the rebuilt carburetor the day before in the pickup.  The end of the trimester was rapidly approaching and grades were coming due.  My water system was developing issues, and I was trying to nurse the system till the end of the year, 2 days later, cascade failure.  The month of June everything that could go wrong went wrong, and it was a month I would like to put behind us.  Yet, we learn from our struggles and June afforded much to learn about our character under great stress as well as God’s grace to pull us through.

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