Winter Storm Nadia is Naughty.

I remember years ago in first grade our school taking two vacation days in February to celebrate the birthdays of President Abraham Lincoln, February 12, and President George Washington, February 21st.  We would work on crafts centered around both presidents and display them the entire month of February.  Today, schools celebrate Presidents’ Day, which complete robs the importance of these two presidents who were models of what a president should do and behave like.  Plus, 2 days off from school with presidential arts and crafts for a month, what more could a first grader ask for during one of the bleakest winter months?

On Abraham Lincoln’s 210th birthday, N. Idaho was hit by Winter Storm Nadia.  Unlike the snow apocalypse the media might make you think it is, the snow storm was a forgotten normalcy we faced since we moved to N. Idaho.  I plowed 7 hours yesterday and could not keep up with the falling snow.  This morning the sun is out and so will I, but today I will cut the final paths that will get us out of our snowed-in off grid, toasty, bungalow.  Enjoy the quick video I made during the rush of yesterday.  If you are snow bound today.  Perhaps, my old blog post on Spokane’s worst snow storm and preparing for such an event will help encourage you.

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