Ready for Winter and a string of bad luck

These past few months have been full of various trials with our vehicles. Our cars have reached that age in which we have to choose to repair them or sell them. It seems like nothing is going right, but despite all that has happened, I am grateful for my wife, son, our homestead, and the life we have.

May you find some time today to enjoy the people and home you are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

8 thoughts on “Ready for Winter and a string of bad luck

  1. That tricycle truck sucks…..I didn’t hear on the video….I’m guessing a semi-floating rear axle and the right side axle shaft broke–leaving the axle housing OK. Or did the entire cast iron axle housing fall apart?


    • The wheel bearing shredded allowing the right side axle, brake, drum, and wheel to creep out of the housing. Once the axle was so far out, it snapped, warping the housing and causing the need for a whole new rear axle, housing, and differential. I had never experienced anything like this and would not have believed it possible, until it happened.


      • Ouch. Hopefully one was available at a local junkyard.

        Does the replacement axle have a grease fitting and a vent hole near the end of the axle tubes so you can use a grease gun to lube the bearing?


      • 53old, The mechanic did find another rear axle and replaced it. I will check the axle to see if there is a place to grease the bearing. The truck is running fine enough to do its job, but the engine is burning oil and eventually that will need to be rebuilt as well.


      • Before I rebuilt my Jeep’s engine, it was burning about 2 quarts of oil per 10 gallon tank of gas….a real mosquito killer. 🙂

        My apologies, but i’m laughing a bit. Had I been driving when the truck “fell over”, it would have been quite the “WTF?” moment for me.


      • 53old, no apologies necessary. Sitting behind the wheel and feeling the wobble and then boom… tricycle was an experience of “I can’t believe this is happening?” I just spent almost a 1000 dollars fixing the worst oil leak in history and repairing stuff around the engine and then the rear end falls apart. If you ever see a plow truck and someone says, “Buy it, it’s a great deal for 1700 dollars.” Calculate what a new system would cost and a good used 4×4 truck and go buy that instead. This good deal has nickle and dimed me to the point that I could have purchased something newer. However, I now have equivalent to a newer system because of all the repairs. I should have included this post in the snow plow truck series.

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  2. I’m again, amazed with You. I’m so sorry to hear about all of the “car issues”, when It rains… it pours. But you always seem to keep a positive attitude, about any situation that arises, and find a way to make everything work. I always enjoy your videos, and enjoy being able to follow along with your family and your amazing life. I love you, and pray for you and your family to have a hassel-free New Year.
    Big Hug’s to the three of you.
    Love ,
    Aunt Patty-Dawn ❤


    • I would love a hassle free New Year. We have our main car back finally with the new engine, transmission, struts and wheel bearings. It drives like a new car again. Praying it will last for many years to come.


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