The Mysterious Enchanted Highway, North Dakota

On our trip to Medora and the North Dakota Badlands, we came across a strange and peculiar highway, the Enchanted Highway.  It’s one of those out of way places you have to see yourself to believe it.  The 6 metal monuments we saw are included in the video.  We, however, did not see the Geese in Flight maybe because of the recent land dispute, see link below.  The tour ended at a small town of Regent in which the artist had a visitors’ center and the artist has constructed a hotel, restaurant, and tavern out of the town’s old school in Regent, ND. Links included below.

Definitely worth a visit, and if we return, I would consider staying at the Enchanted Castle Hotel.

Learn more about the Enchanted Highway visit and


One thought on “The Mysterious Enchanted Highway, North Dakota

  1. Love it… What fun to run across such a unique, fun place in the middle of nowhere.. Sometimes the most fun. ❤
    The family picture was great! 🙂
    Aunt Patty-Dawn

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