3 thoughts on “Battery Rotation, EV Bag, How Fast a VP Gas Can Pours and More

  1. Very basic ODB 2 readers can be purchased for less than $20.

    Right now, you use your sense of smell, sight, feeling and hearing (hopefully not taste) to decide how to begin the troubleshooting process. The reader just adds one more piece of information for you to consider. It does nothing more…. 🙂


      • I have a siphon hose with a ball bearing affair on the end. You get it into the gas and rapidly push it up and down in the gas. The ball allows gas into the hose but not (very quickly) back out of the hose into the tank. The hose fills up enough to get the gas “over the top” and the siphon starts. It’s a 1/2 inch hose, so it’ll move about 1 gal of gas per minute.

        I won’t go into why I bought one of those things…. 🙂

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