Snow Throwing the Roof & Wife’s Surprise

Our derelict cabin left by the original owners of our property has been slowly disintegrating with each winter.  One section almost collapsed, and in the past, I did a video in which I hand shoveled the roof to prevent the cabins creaking demise.  It was hard work, and I couldn’t physically do it again without wreaking havoc to my body.  We bought the smallest and cheapest snow thrower to get the job done.

I cannot emphasize the importance on knowing how to create the correct pitch roof for the trusses and the span that the home is designed.  We had our trusses for our home professionally engineered and delivered to our home site.  The company used a crane to place them on top of the walls, and we walked them to the correct location and nailed them in place.  We designed a 6/12 roof pitch to easily shed snow during the winter and give us the most peace of mind.  What I will do for the barn shop this summer is still in the air.  I have not decided as of yet if I will build the trusses myself or if I will hire it out.

When I finished snow throwing the roof of the derelict cabin.  My body was still pretty beat, but to my surprise my wife had been baking a special dish for me.  The  surprise my wife made for us is located at time index 06:22 in the video.

To learn how to start a stalled snow thrower without pulling the starter cord to the point of feeling your arm fall off, See time index: 04:30

Thanks for following our journey as we battle the elements in snow country.  We are still many inches of white slushy snow before we will see dirt again, but from what I hear, spring is just around the corner, somewhere.

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