Dog Gone It!

Losing your dog can be a traumatic event in Northern Idaho. If it isn’t the wildlife, there is also the real possibility of a neighbor releasing a barrage of defensive fire. In this clip, I explain a moment in which we lost our dog during a snow storm, the importance of finding her, and how we could have easily lost her forever.

What makes our dog run? I really don’t know exactly. We’ll be playing in the yard and she will without much warning give use what we call the crazy eye. She circles about 3 times and bolts.  No calling her back will get her to return until she has filled her wander lust.  I do know that our dog has an incredible appetite for wild animal feces.  She will chase deer just to scare up some more grub.  I know disgusting, but to her it’s the treat of the century.  Even though we buy her big bones to chew on, dog bacon treats, dog snacks and cookies; she will abandon them all for what she can find in the wild.

We do worry about her safety and have taken precautions, but there is always those unplanned moments in which she can and will escape. We are lucky she hasn’t killed a chicken yet, but we wouldn’t trust her to let her close enough.  We also take her on daily walks and sometimes we will even ride a bike and allow her to run beside us, but that too is risky if a squirrel crosses our path.

My wife and I discussed if we ever will get another dog.  We decided that this will most likely be our last pound dog.  We want to raise a puppy and develop proper behavior from the start.  We have adopted two dogs from the pound, and they both have had their issues.  The first dog we owned loved us and was very protective of us.  She would stay close by us and create a defensive perimeter when we went for hikes and camping.  She was great, except with small children.  She had a Heeler’s instinct and wanted to herd children and place them in a controlled situation in which she would not let them move.  So, when friends and family with children visited, we had to crate her.

As you know this dog we have now is very friendly and loves children, but she is a runner.  That provides a whole other level of stress during hunting season.  We have even been told by a neighbor that they had our dog within their sites and were debating on ending her deer chasing escapade.  She was only gone for 40 minutes that time.  My wife and I are debating creating a fenced area near the shop we want to build, just so she can run around and act crazy within a controlled space.


3 thoughts on “Dog Gone It!

  1. Sadly, my primary task for today will be writing an obituary for an elderly rat terrier who passed away a few days ago. She could neither see nor hear like she used to, so wandered out into a roadway, where she was hit by a car.


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