Me and My Tractor…

It has almost been a year since we bought our tractor and we are not regretting it one bit.  This purchase brought us back into debt, but the benefits to having a tractor far out weighs the debt.  The fact that we are in debt for seven years and can make additional payments to shorten our years in debt puts the light at the end of the tunnel very obtainable.

As I was mentally gearing up to clean our chicken coop this past fall, I was not looking forward to the back breaking event.  Usually when I am done cleaning the coop, I have a sore back for many days after.  Then I remembered Clementine!  I thought, having her take the loads to the compost piles behind the coop would totally help because for the past 6 years I had used our wheel barrel.

vlcsnap-2018-02-16-19h07m07s948I waited for a nice sunny cool day after my garden was all harvested, had my husband unhook our generator from the tractor’s PTO, placed my chickens in the garden to eat all the garden scraps and Clementine and myself set out for a girls day on the Homestead.  I loaded the bucket up with everything I needed to clean out the coop, parked Clementine in front the the chicken coop door and began dumping all my chicken’s droppings and pine shavings into her bucket.  Once full, I drove Clementine around to the back and dumped the load.  After doing this many times, I noticed that my back was not totally sore and feeling like it was about to “go out”.  By having those driving breaks, I think that this allowed my back to relax and recoup before shoveling and filling the next load.   Also as a bonus, I had fun driving the tractor myself and going at my pace and learning how to use the bucket, different gears, and driving speeds.  I have to say cleaning out the coop was kind of pleasurable!

vlcsnap-2018-02-16-19h11m28s013A side note:  Before this video, I had never really used or drove the tractor all myself.  My husband had shown me the basics and taken me out a couple times, but to operate it all myself, this I had not done.  So, you are seeing in this video, my first attempt at driving and operating our tractor we have named Clementine!

May you enjoy this little video: Girls Day on the Homestead!

3 thoughts on “Me and My Tractor…

  1. Oh goodness! A girl on a tractor!
    The nursery is very ‘guy’ oriented. Very few ladies ever work there. As men often do, we behave like men, and enjoy our male dominated environment (although we engage ladies accordingly when they are there). The funny thing is that we all have been educated by ladies; mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers. We certainly learned a lot from our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers as well; but horticulture seems to be as or more feminine in nature than it is masculine. Ladies are just more efficient at some things. It can be embarrassing at times.

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  2. Hello, my wife and I are looking into a compact tractor for our homestead. I was wondering if there were any downsides to your purchase besides 7 years of debt. Also, did you buy any other implements for it? I am looking at a front loader and backhoe combination. Thank you for any response.


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