Integrity vs. YouTube: We have been Served our 30 Day Notice

What was to be the part 2 to a snowplow video today was interrupted by a letter from The YouTube Team stating their desire to control more content; they are demonitizing all channels under 1000 subscribers and with less than 4,000 hours of watch time a year.   My wife and I are concerned that with this move by YouTube our channel will be completely ignored by the algorithm, which is already happening slightly because we don’t monetize our individual videos. But, will it become a whole lot worse?  And, that is when we ask ourselves the question, then why do it?  At this point, I can’t honestly think of an answer of why we should keep spending time creating videos when we can spend that time promoting our off grid business more.  We have been attempting to successfully blend Pauper’s Candle Company with Living a Sustainable Dream.  But, if Living a Sustainable Dream’s YouTube channel falls into complete obscurity, what’s the reason for continuing video side of things?

Please do not think we are petitioning for subscribers.  We are not, in fact, if it wasn’t for the subscribers we have, I would have deleted the entire channel this week after reading the letter from the YouTube Team.  I explain more in the video, and I think my disappointment with YouTube is quite apparent.  This post is not a whine or a pity party; it’s a reflection on what the issue is and what the next step will be.  However, I am not going to solicit subscribers as YouTube encourages me to do.  I would have less than a 1000 subs that want to be apart of this channel’s journey than over a thousand who are begrudgingly holding onto their subscription or hate my channel’s content and troll us.  I want to be real to my audience, and I want my audience to be real with us and unsub or sub when they want.  I am not going to pay for bots to sub or view my channel to meet the minimum requirements.  Yes, you can pay a company to raise your subscriptions and views on your YouTube channel using bots, computer programs, but where is the integrity in that.

So, if you are thinking about starting a YouTube Channel or have found it extremely difficult to do so, your integrity may be getting in the way. And if that’s the case, I glad to know you.

Living a Sustainable Dream,

Today we are announcing changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). While our goal remains to keep the YPP open to as many channels as possible, we recognize we need more safeguards in place to protect creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem.

What’s Changing

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, Living a Sustainable Dream, is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program on February 20, 2018 unless you surpass this threshold in the next 30 days. Accordingly, this email serves as 30 days notice that your YouTube Partner Program terms are terminated.

One of YouTube’s core values is to provide anyone the opportunity to earn money from a thriving channel. Creators who haven’t yet reached this new threshold can continue to benefit from our Creator Academy, our Help Center, and all the resources on the Creator Site to grow their channels. Once your channel reaches the new threshold, it will be reviewed to make sure it adheres to our policies and guidelines, and if so, monetization will be re-enabled.


The YouTube Team

7 thoughts on “Integrity vs. YouTube: We have been Served our 30 Day Notice

  1. We are in the same boat with our fishing channel we have over 500 subscribers and over the 4000 hours but we won’t make the cut. I did a video rant about YouTube on YouTube all my other video views dropped like a stone I took it down and they went right back up we have been fishing since I got the notice I didn’t even bother taking videos


    • Two Branches, I understand your plight and I too have been demoralized when creating new videos. I have 8 videos prepped for publication, but after that, who knows. It should be after the 30 day window by then. YouTube has sabotage my channel’s name search I don’t know how many times as well as block our channel’s videos from the suggested video menu on the right while people play our videos. It is so blatant, it’s laughable.

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  2. Thanks for reporting on this development Mark. I took a media studies course back in 93′ when the world wide web was in it’s infancy. Fascinating on how and who is able to control it and I want to keep on top of this. As a tool of consciousness raising, it has so much hope and potential… though this is so easily sabotaged by the powers that be who turn it into a mere numbers game, like going to the races. Thanks for speaking out.

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    • Bruce, you are so correct. The Internet has the potential to free so many people and offer people knowledge and solutions never thought of before, yet it is manipulated into Idocracy, like the movie. Crass as it was, a reality I shrudder to think of when teaching my classes.


  3. I have made a few videos and posted them on YouTube also. I think they should just leave people alone to do as they want. Off grid videos should be a popular subject, so you would think more people would be looking for what you and I have to offer. It’s a sad day indeed.

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    • I have seen your videos on YouTube and like them. YT has made it very difficult to make money or even grow your channel using their platform. It is sad to see what YT’s top channels are and how much they make.


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