Cooking with My Wood Cook Stove- Pioneer Pumpkin Pie from Scratch : 2/4

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of my video / blog series, Cooking with a Wood Cook Stove – Pioneer Pumpkin Pie. In the video you will see how I make a pumpkin pie crust from scratch. Additionally, I pull out my sugar pumpkin from my wood cook stove and show what it should look like and what you do to test it to make sure it is done. Enjoy and Part 3 will be coming soon!

vlcsnap-2017-12-08-15h52m03s178Behind the Scenes:  When I was making the pie crust, I sure had a difficult time with the crust.  That seems to be the way when I am wanting to put something on video.  What do we call that, Murphy’s Law?  The amount of “patches” I had to do with this crust was starting to make me laugh.  Anyway, the crust turned out great and tasted awesome!

Also, I really like to use coconut oil in my pie crusts.  It gives a nice little flavor to the crust.  And I love using the pumpkin spices individually versus using “pumpkin pie spice”.  I think this adds a better flavor as well.

In part three of my video series you will see how to make the pumpkin puree for the pumpkin pie filling.

Enjoy the video and thank you for reading and watching!!!

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