How do we have followers and subscribers?

This weekend our YouTube Channel grew to 500 subscribers.  However, we have been purposefully not chasing the YouTube algorithm.  Because of this, we never thought we would ever reach 500 subscribers within this past year.  We demonetized all our videos, intentionally try to stay away from click bait titles, and focus on content.  Basically, living as we preach.  We are thankful for all those who have chosen to follow our posts here as well; we are currently at 148 followers, three of which are male strip clubs in Australia. Who would of thought?

When we started this blogging it was to let others know you can live an off grid life style without compromising modern conveniences to the point that your life becomes all consumed with chores.  We still have many chores, but we have many of the modern appliances to shorten those duties to a manageable time line for us.  I still work full-time off the homestead while my wife works the homestead and her business, Pauper’s Candle Company, on the property.  When I get time off work, I am doing a large portion of the repairs, maintenance, and building new systems to integrate into our daily lives at Living a Sustainable Dream.  So, a big thank you to everyone who has been able to glean information or participate vicariously in our adventures in modern, off grid, homesteading in Northern Idaho.

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