Life issues today, solve problems of tomorrow

Look at it go… That 1st month was great and then… (see list to right)

Have I got a deal for you?  A cheap snowplow truck that is aged, but still looks good.  The engine runs, the plow blade lifts and turns.

Reality Check: The plow truck cannot go into first gear.  The mechanic during the transmission build discovered the flywheel is the wrong size and causes a shudder throughout the truck.  The 4-wheel drive must remain in 4-wheel drive because once out, it will not engage again.  The plow blade slowly creeps to the ground and must be lifted every 30 seconds.  The gas tank has slipped from its air-duct mount and is cutting into the drive shaft. The rear lights are blown and too obsolete to find a replacement. The motor on the plow is gone from constant raising.  The plow pivot rods were accidentally welded into the collar and sheared with use, leaving the plow blade on the ground detached from the truck.  The carburetor, well you already know about that.  One of my students told me Ford stands for Fix Often Repair Daily.  I am beginning to believe him.

While working on the carburetor to prevent a fuel leak from the brass fuel filter, the brass fitting broke inside the carburetor.  At this point, it seemed hopeless, but my mind traveled back in time in which I remembered a copper seat from a shower that did the same thing inside a galvanize pipe.  My wife found a tool at George Morlan plumbing supply that could reverse the stripped fitting out.  Thanks to the advice of the people working the counter.  That evening, I was able to remove the stripped fitting, replace it with a brand new copper seat, and have a shower that no longer leaked at the hot water side of the faucet.  I was so relieved because my only other option was cutting a huge hole in the drywall.  I really hate cutting holes in perfectly good walls.

The final straw… This was the end of the 2015-16 winter season. I realized the plow blade needed new mounts welded and a new collar for it to function.

Sometimes our problems and solutions to other events in our lives prepare us for new situations we will face.  I remember how scared I was about fixing that shower over a decade ago. Now with this carburetor, I was relatively calm and just needed to find a tool I stored away through three different moves and 10 years of time.  No problem, almost a decade ago, I created a plumbing toolbox and since this tool was used for a plumbing fix, it has stayed dormant, waiting in the toolbox until it was needed.

What problems are you facing today that are preparing you for life tomorrow?  This is just a mechanical issue, but we face relationship issues, work related issues, life issues every day. How have they prepared us for today?

5 thoughts on “Life issues today, solve problems of tomorrow

  1. That looks like a good solid Ford. I would still have mine, but was in a very bad wreck a few years ago. I still have my 1970 Dodge, and probably always will. It has outlasted several much younger vehicles, including a gorgeous 1979 Buick Electra that I could not keep together. There is something to be said for old technology.

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