Why a Tractor Shed?

Sometime this summer I had an idea that changed my perspective on the type of back up generator we needed.    See the past post from whence we came.  When we were first in the planning and designing stage of our off grid home, we realized the sun could be blocked for days even weeks during the winter months.  We also realize our battery bank could easily float us power wise for 5 days.  A few years back we had 1 full sunny day in the month of January and 2 partial sunny days out of the 31 day month.  It was a rough winter and our generator was relied on heavily through that month.

Unfortunately, last year the pull rope broke on our generator and after trying to find a part that not only fit it, but also worked more than once proved impossible.  I debated throwing more money at this well used 6.8 kW generator, but decided I wanted something more powerful.  I believe now that I was drawing or expecting too much current from this generator to charge the house, run the well pump, and all the other various appliance we turned on while the genie was running.   We needed something with a little more electrical kick.

The original vision, but we could never justify the expense, was a diesel generator.  A nice USA made Perkins diesel generator is priced between $6,500 and $8,000.  I didn’t have that extra cash flow, but to purchase a new RIGID costs about a $1,000.00, which I would not purchase now because of the starter recoil assembly fail.  We decided to use what we already had, our Kioti 35 hp diesel engine and PTO (Power Take-Off) which turns a shaft connected to a generator.  This generator would be about twice what the RIDGID would cost and 1/4 of what a Perkins would be.

Once I post about the shed construction, I’ll show a demonstration video of how this type of generator works.

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