The Taste of Fresh Food


Our Pepper Plants, Rainbow Chard, and Zucchini Plants… So thrilling

Our Garden this year was great and I was able to preserve much of our harvest.  The best thing about gardening for me is the taste of your vegetables.  There is nothing like it!!!  Fresh carrots and tomatoes from the garden is the BEST!  This year I grew lemon cucumbers, which I enjoyed much.

Each year I grow spinach and rainbow chard.  My family and I get spoiled being able to go to the garden and pick fresh spinach for omelettes and pick chard right from the garden to make green smoothies.

I still consider myself a novice gardener, but each year I learn more and more and enjoy it more and more.  I recently harvested the last of my spinach and rainbow chard and I have let my chickens into my garden to start eating my garden remains and scratch up my dirt.  Thank you to my chickens for “weeding” my garden for me.  It is nice to have my garden ready for Winter and all our vegetables harvested and / or preserved.  Until next year…

Enjoy our video as we take you into our garden to take a peek at our harvest.


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