Canning Peaches on the Homestead :)


I canned 11 quarts from 30 pounds of Peaches.  How Awesome!!!

During this time of year, late Summer and early Fall, I am busy harvesting and preserving on our Homestead.  Our own peach trees do not produce enough fruit to be able to can, so I have found a local organic orchard, where I can purchase my fruit and in this case, peaches.  I love getting organic fruit!

This year the peaches were spectacular!  It was such a fun batch to can.  The peaches were ripe, the meat was not mealy, and the peel just peeled off without much cutting needed.

The thing that I love about canning is that I know what is in my food and so I know that my family is getting the best food possible.  There is nothing like it!

In this video I show you how I process my peaches, what tools I like to use, and little tips of the trade I use to can my peaches.  Enjoy 🙂

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