Garden Fresh: Lemon Cucumber Walnut Salad

20170908_112731_MultiI was in my kitchen and wanting a snack and had a craving for my lemon cucumbers.  I had picked some the day before and they were chilled and waiting in my fridge.  I did the usual, peeled, sliced, and quartered the lemon cucumber, added a little salt and pepper and ranch.  As I was eating my little snack, I thought to myself that maybe a nut of some kind would be a great addition.  On hand, I had peanuts, cashews, walnuts and some treasured macadamia from our last trip to Hawaii.  I decided on walnuts, softer buttery nut.  To my delight, this tasted wonderfull!

The video below is showing how you can make this simple, wonderful, fresh snack!  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Garden Fresh: Lemon Cucumber Walnut Salad

  1. I had a great crop of lemon cucumbers this year too. I’m going to make this for my lunch today. It looks amazing. Thanks for the idea. YUMMY!


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