August Winner for Our Candle Give Away!!!

Congratulations to our August Winner!!  May you enjoy your Basil Sage Mint Candle!!

And the Winner is…watch our little video to find out!

If you would like to be entered into our Free Candle Give Away that we do each month, you only need to Join Our Email Family.  This can be done by going to Pauper’s Candles Website and clicking Join Our Email Family in the top menu bar and signing up!  We would love for you to join 🙂

Behind the scenes of filming:    I decided to film our video in our garden this month because all our veggies are in full swing and our harvest has been great this year.  Our Basil is ready to be harvested and made into Pesto.  I usually am able to make enough to freeze and then use all Fall, Winter and Spring on our pizza that I make from scratch.  There is nothing like going into my freezer in the middle of Winter and taking out a package of pesto that I harvested from the previous Summer.  What a sense of satisfaction 🙂

While I was filming, there were several bees buzzing around and I caught one of them on film.  How fun is that!  Also, I could hear pine cones dropping onto the metal roof of our chicken coup from the squirrels.  They are eating them quickly and getting ready for Winter.  It is so fun to hear and see all the wild life around me while I am filming and just working on our homestead.

Always an adventure on the Homestead 🙂

Spark Joy, Give a Pauper’s Candle!

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