Think Kitchen Sink!

Kitchen Sink Pic Extra small

I love my 1940’s sink. This has been a terrific off grid sink.

We decided to purchase a 1940’s double sink, double drain board sink for our kitchen, when we built our home. Being off grid and knowing we would not have a dishwasher, we thought that this may be a great choice. After having our sink for 5 years, this has proven to be a super choice for us.

Having the drain boards built into the sink has proven to be wonderful. Having a double sink has been great because one does not need allot of water to do dishes: Just fill up the sinks, one with soapy water and the other with clean hot water and you can do all your dishes without using much more water from your faucet.

1940 kitchen

In the 1940’s these sinks were in every home from farm home to suburban home. They typically came with metal cabinets below. With a little searching, one can still find these sinks today! Thank you for the picture!

Most of the 1940 sinks had metal lower cabinets that the sink rested on. These sinks were installed in just about any home regardless the lifestyle, farm homes, to  suburban homes, to urban homes. The sink we found did not have the metal lower cabinets.  I recycled some wood cabinets from the old cabin on our property and made the opening on top fit my sink.  I then purchased a faucet from my local big box store and was able to find one that fit the holes that were already made in the sink.  I was excited to find a faucet that fit the sink.

If you love old, vintage things and like to recycle items these sinks may be a great choice for you. Picking the right appliances for your needs makes the day to day chores much more enjoyable. I am going to enjoy our sink for many more years to come.

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