Out Building Location = Smart Homesteading

Mark and I have been living on our homestead for about 6 years and every time we get ready to build an out building, garden, solar array, pump house, etc…we find ourselves asking many question such as:

  • Where do we want to locate this building or structure and why?
  • How often are we going to use this building or structure?
  • Can we use this building or structure for more than one thing?
  • During snow season, are we going to need to access this building or structure and if so can we put it near another building and be able to make one path to both?

Behind me is our home, solar array, garden, and wood shed ~ Location, Location, Location

We are about to break ground on a new shop/barn this summer and found ourselves wanting this building near our home because we are going to be using it for many different functions, shop for car repair, storage, Pauper’s Candle Shop, Room for small repairs, garage, and I am sure many more functions we have yet to think of .  As it has been said, “location, location, location.”

We hope this video encourages you when building your home, homestead, out buildings, shops, barns, gardens, orchards, to think about each structures function and place them together that best fits your needs.  Happy Building!

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