Off Grid Homesteading: Using our chickens to prepare the garden

On our off grid homestead during the spring, we like to let our chickens into our garden to help get the garden ready for planting.  We love our chickens and they love Spring Time!  They perform so many useful tasks and require little maintenance.  As we like to say, “A Happy Chicken is a Laying Chicken.”

Here is a little chicken video you can watch as well.

Chickens are great in the garden before and after planting season for many reasons:

  • They scratch around in the dirt and turn in all up.
  • They keep the weeds down, therefore no need to weed before planting!
  • They eat bugs and therefore keep them under control before planting.
  • They eat all the plants after harvest and clean up the garden!
  • By eating all weeds in the Spring and cuttings in the Fall they are receiving some great nutrients, which is very healthy for them.
  • You can use their manure after letting it sit for at least a year as fertilizer in your garden.

Since we have been on our homestead, I have really enjoyed our chickens or Ladies as I like to call them.  Chickens give so much and require little in comparison.

4 thoughts on “Off Grid Homesteading: Using our chickens to prepare the garden

  1. We want chickens up here soon, but other things take top billing. I have managed to score a free chicken coop, now I need to build a secure enclosure for it. With all the wildlife up here, I have to be able to have a very secure place for chickens. No sense feeding the cycotes or the birds of pray…

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    • We have battled with coyotes and people’s stray dogs. We only free range them when we are home and keep them cooped up with their run when out and about. This has prevented the killing of our chickens.


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