A Tractor: To be, or not to be, That is the Question:

We have been talking with each other over the past few months about purchasing a tractor and the pros and cons of doing so.  Here are some of our thoughts:

  • We are not getting any younger.
  • Cutting, stacking, gathering and loading fire wood every year is not going away.
  • The body cannot do what it used to.
  • Going into debt again. Do we want to do this?
  • Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards
  • There are so many exciting projects we want to do, Barn/Shop being one.
  • Work smarter not harder.
  • Let’s take our property to the next level!
Tractor 1 MK end first talk

Rain, rain, go away… It is totally raining and we are just about to step out in the rain to look at the Yanmar tractors

We decided to take a serious look at the tractors that are sold locally.  We scheduled a “kid-sitter” for our son and took a little trip around our area and visited two different dealers that had the type of tractor Mark was looking for.

We looked at three different tractors: the Yanmar, Kioti, and TYM.  They are all very similar and pretty close in price.  We now have to take a look at the pros and cons of making a purchase that will put us back into debt, which we have not had in almost 8 years, but one that will help us out on our homestead immensely.

Join us in our discussion.  We would love hearing from you.  What do you like about Tractors?

6 thoughts on “A Tractor: To be, or not to be, That is the Question:

  1. In the 38 years here we haven’t owned a tractor. We didn’t even have road access for the first 18 years. Everything was carried in by hand which was a big mistake. In 98′ I was laid off from my carpentry job, so I did a barter with a guy who used his small excavator to build the road while I did a reno for him. Since then, we have bartered or rented a machine about 5 times. Three big reasons we haven’t purchased – 1) lower initial cost – 2) I’m a terrible mechanic – 3) Concern that we might overdue it with a tractor, and take away the unique features of the landscape. Having said all this Mark, for you, the mechanical issues wouldn’t be a problem. As for the cost it’s a big commitment. A giant labor saver though, something I’ve learned the hard way. You may consider getting the machine, and after a few years (and a few big jobs) you could resell it, though it might be hard at that point to let go of it. Here at our homestead we’re getting to bring in a local contractor for a couple more days or ditch digging, driveway repairs, etc. He’s reasonably priced at $60 per hour. I can’t imagine how things would be different here with a tractor from the begiining. Maybe my back would be in a bit better shape 😉 Not something to take lightly if you excuse the pun. Good luck with it all – Bruce.

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  2. We are moving to the family farm next summer. Very excited, but I told my wife I wouldn’t move unless we could get a tractor. There’s just too much manual labor otherwise. Plus, it’s great for our Wyoming snows, too. And a new (smaller) tractor is cheaper than most new cars.


    • Hans, I think you have made a realistic request. I will share all the prices and numbers we crunch on purchasing a new tractor in the next post coming up. I will even supply the spreadsheet, so you can do your own calculations.


  3. My father went into debt after being debt free for a tractor. It was tough and the debt was hard on the family, but now that he is approaching 60 with a bad back, I am glad he did it, for his sake. He uses it all the time, lifting heavy loads with the bucket as needed, skidding logs, pulling rigs out of the swamp or up the hill as needed in the winter, will be making a pole building this summer probably. He gets a little “tractor crazy” sometimes, haha, so I appreciate Bruce’s comment on getting carried away and severely altering the land. But I would be lying if I said it hasn’t helped us a lot, too. And my grandfather has been able to stay out on his land doing a lot of things someone his age normally wouldn’t, partially thanks to such machinery being in his possession. So depending on the person, it can be a huge boon. Do you see a use for it in your life on a regular basis, or have more big projects in your plans? If so, it’s probably worth it!


    • Thank you Alicia for the comment. My wife and I are realizing we can’t keep stressing our backs like we have been without doing some serious damage to our bodies. The tractor will assist with keeping us from over lifting, especially when gathering fire wood each year, improving our garden and orchard space, and building our pole barn this summer. It’s a life long adventure with the tractor. As far as getting carried away on the property I can see that happening as well. We have a lot of prep to do to prevent wildfire on the property, and the trees and dead timber on the ground is making me nervous.


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