Living a Sustainable Dream’s Second Anniversary

Best Foot Forward… The weekend we met our son for the 1st time. The beginning of our journey.

It’s hard to believe that we are still blogging after 2 years.  When I first began this journey, I was focusing on writing and possibly creating a book about how to live sustainable and off the grid.  Since then, we have done many projects, but our biggest project was our adoption and becoming a family of three.

During the last year to help our son adjust to his new home, I have been capturing our life on video and creating music montages for him to watch.  He has his first year with us documented very well.  As we grow closer as a family, he relies less and less on his videos and more and more on the future with us.

A beautiful day… Our 1st weekend with our son at the beach, flying kites we made as a family.

We have had our struggles this past year, but we have also been greatly blessed as we watch our son develop, his academic skills improve, and his curiosity of life begin to abound.

We haven’t spoken much of our life this past year as we do not want our son to be paraded around in such a public arena.  So, we continued our focus on homestead projects and improvements.  We have been making and showing through that venue a glimpse of our family.  Webber Forever Day is almost upon us, our first anniversary of the day we set as our adoption finalization and dedication of our son.

Walking the path… We began our journey and became a family in the process.

Thank you for joining us here at Living a Sustainable Dream, supporting our endeavors by shopping at our off grid home business, Pauper’s Candle Company, and for your helpful and encouraging comments.


2 thoughts on “Living a Sustainable Dream’s Second Anniversary

  1. It’s so exciting watching You and Krista build your lives together. Living your “Unique Lives” and building your dreams are very exciting to follow. But when you became “a family of three” I knew it would be even more exciting. I’m so Happy for your Son, to have been picked by You and Krista to be his forever family. I do believe it was God’s plan for you to be his parents. I look forward to watch your journey together, and hope someday we’ll be able to meet you all. ❤

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