Easy to Fix Snow Blower Part 2

Here is the second half of the snow blower auger assembly repair.  In this YouTube video, I demonstrate how to replace the auger shaft, worm gear, augers, and v-belt.  At the time I purchased this snow blower, I had no idea how they were set up and put together.  I wanted a well rated snow blower for a good price, and I purchased this one on sale and with a 15% off, credit card, application, incentive program at the time.  Sometimes you get lucky, and with this snow blower, I did.  It is so easy to repair.  Whoever engineered it, they did an excellent job.  It seems like I have been running into the exact opposite lately, so I can’t tell you how encouraged I am to find something that was created with care, logic, and the repairs in mind.

Today, it seems we live a world of ill designed products or parts meant to break easily to accommodate our artificially created throw away society.  Engineers are making illogical designs even when looking at my PT Cruiser, I have to take off the air cleaner to gain access to the battery.  It seems the engineers are encouraged to make an artificial need  of specialty tools and mechanics trained to fix the illogical.  Thirty years ago things were designed with care purpose and intent that anyone with a little self confidence could fix it.

I just wanted to praise Craftsman for creating a machine that I could easily repair myself during a time I needed it the most.  I was not bound by someone’s time table.  I was able to press through and meet the impending storm’s deadline. That next week, we received so much snow, I had to turn the snow blower over to my wife and climb the roof of our dilapidated cabin and hand shovel the snow off of it.

No paid endorsements here.  I just want to praise a company for taking the time to do it right with the care of the owners who purchase their products in mind.  Here is a shout out to the designers of the 28″ Craftsman Snow Thrower model #247.883950.

If you have found a product that has been great for you and that you purchased in confidence, please give it a shout out here and why you liked it.  Company’s need to hear when they are doing well.

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