Pajama Rant: This is War YouTube

It’s time to start walking and quit squawking… Our solution is quite simple and we have already demonetized our videos.

After learning about YouTube’s algorithm from other creators on YouTube, we realized capitalizing on an income from ad placements would most likely be impossible.  Watching our video, you will see that we do have a plan to fix the clickbait problem with YouTube promoting no content videos.  However, since we have such a small channel presence on YouTube, our video to solve the problem will most likely be lost in obscurity.

For those of you considering starting a YouTube Channel in hopes of making money from monetizing your account, you need to watch this video.  My wife and I have decided that sometimes to win the game is to not play the game, so we have decided to continue creating videos, but we will no longer be placing ads on our video content.  Our channel on YouTube is now an ad free channel, and we don’t plan to monetize, place ads on our videos, until YouTube changes its algorithm and we feel safe that we won’t be manipulated or lose who we are to maintain viewership.

Some of the issues we have come to learn is YouTube encourages all creators to monetize their accounts, place ads all over them.  Some creators have very successful channels and get paid very well, however, new start-ups since they don’t have the viewership as the big channels find their videos are no longer appearing in searches or are so low on the search list that no one will find them.  However, clickbait titles rule the searches and provide little of what a viewer is hoping to find.  Now, the viewer is frustrated as well as the creator who is now resorting to create a fake title to lure people to click their video instead of relying on the video’s content. It is becoming a numbers game.  With all the ads now being encouraged and YouTube not regulating the clickbait, viewers are now swamped with shallow videos with little content, yet drowning in ads to see what they don’t want to see.  Don’t worry YouTube has a solution to the quagmire they created. For just one cent shy of $10.00 a month, a viewer can pay YouTube for ad free content, known as YouTube Red.  YouTube causes the problem, then offers their solution, which just happens to make them more money by developing monthly fees on top of the ad revenue they are raking in from regular YouTube.

The frustrating part of all this besides the algorithm rewarding clickbait is that YouTube’s own “Spam, deceptive practices, and scams“policy is against clickbait and manipulating the YouTube community to gain views.  Under Misleading Metadata YouTube clearly states…

Metadata refers to any and all additional information provided on a video. This includes the title, description, tags, annotations, and thumbnail. The reason we have metadata is so that you can add additional contextual information to your videos. Please do not use these features to game or trick our search algorithms. All metadata should be representative of the content contained in your video. Among other things, metadata added in an attempt to game search algorithms will lead to the removal of your video and a strike against your account.

“I love it when a plan comes together”… Here is our plan. We hope you can join us in sharing this video and get the word out or creating a video of your own.

Our solution, since we aren’t making anything from YouTube and see no future of breaking into it using the algorithm which is working against us is to demonetize our videos.  We are going to demonetize every video.  Anyone who visits our channel will be able to watch ad free content.  YouTube won’t make a dime on our content anymore. We plan to continue making weekly videos and blogging here as well, but all our content will be ad free for the viewer.  If you feel that you would like to contribute to our cause in providing free content, please visit our Like What You See page.

The Plan

  1. Small Channels demonetize your videos
  2. Big Channels join us and demonetize your videos during the month of July, starting the 4th till the end of the month
  3. Demand YouTube provides content based searches again instead of searches based on views
  4. Creators stop using clickbait titles
  5. Subscribers continue to support your favorite channels and help support their personal label items

Other than that, this is war.  Living Sustainable Dream may fall into obscurity, but we already are.  We will continue to blog and vlog our experiences if you desire to learn about how we live off grid without losing modern conveniences.  We are hoping to begin a barn/shop build soon.  We are still growing our savings and we may be able to pull it off this summer.  We will blog about that for sure once we start.

Thanks for following our blog and vlog on YouTube.  God bless you all, and we hope to continue serving you as members of our Living a Sustainable Dream family for a long time to come.  Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

One thought on “Pajama Rant: This is War YouTube

  1. Update. We have once again monetized our channel as of July, 2018. YouTube has changed the algorithm, deceptively it is worse now and used as a form of censorship. We have received 1 check for $105 in February, 2019. Our channel seems to be barely growing because we don’t play the clickbait game or follow the YT community engagement theories. Oh well, it is what it is.


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