Easy to fix snow blower, all is not lost.

My snow thrower was the easiest fix I have had since being on the property.  It was so easy that I was shocked by it,  especially after working on the generator.  After attempting to fix our Ridgid generator, I was beginning to lose confidence in after market parts.  Until, I had to fix the snow thrower (blower).  This Craftsman 28″ Snow Thrower I purchased during the winter of 2012 has served us well these past 4 years.  I admit I ignored the maintenance schedule completely.  The only thing I have been determined to follow is to always use non ethanol gasoline.

About a month ago during a slush melt off, I used the snow thrower on our quarter of a mile easement.  I believe the auger shaft broke after the snow thrower picked up a very large rock in the slush.  Unfortunately, the sheer pin did not break as it was designed instead the entire shaft broke.  I decided to order a new auger shaft and waited for it to arrive.  The auger shaft arrived two days before the beginning of a series of winter snow storms that would cancel schools and leave us almost stranded.

I took a Saturday and disassembled the entire front auger assembly.  I had no instructions, just a few YouTube videos of similar snow throwers, but not  my exact model.  I began to look my snow machine over and made a mental note of all the bolts I would have to remove in order for the auger shaft to be replaced.  During the tear down, I discovered the belt that ran the auger system was severely cracked, and it too would have to be replaced.  This repair demonstrates how to replace any part of the auger assembly as well as the auger drive belt.  I found the video becoming quite long, so I began editing it down quite a bit.  I also broke the video into two parts disassembly of the auger assembly and reassembly of the auger assembly.  If you have a snow thrower, I hope this video will help you fix it, if ever, the time comes.

2 thoughts on “Easy to fix snow blower, all is not lost.

  1. I smiled when I heard you mention the graciousness of your wife.

    While we were still dating, my wife to be stopped by my house (which did not have a garage) and I was reassembling a carburetor on my kitchen table.

    She, too, was gracious…We just celebrated our 28th anniversary. 🙂


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