Off Grid Clothing -I love my Jacket!

When you come across a piece of clothing that is made well, performs for the intended tasks, and is priced right, you cannot help but talk about it.

I was given the Carhartt Women’s, Full Swing, Quick Duck, Norwich Jacket as a birthday present from my husband.  He knew that I was in need of a good jacket for our property and took it upon himself to find a jacket without my knowledge.  As I have used this jacket for a couple months now, I have come to love this jacket!  It performs great, is lightweight and easy to move in, has awesome pockets (great for egg gathering), accommodates wearing gloves in a super comfortable fashion, has an attached hood, does not bunch when you bend over, is water repellent, is made with the typical Carhartt durable material and looks good on.  What more can you ask for in a jacket?

How cool is that? Best property jacket find.

How cool is that?.. Best property jacket find.

Carhartt, boasts on their tag that came on this jacket, “The Best Workwear We’ve Ever Made” and “Try on This Jacket.  Feel the Difference.  It doesn’t fight you, it moves with you.”  I am going to have to say that they are living up to their self-promotion.

If you would like more information about this jacket you can visit our Associates Store with Amazon.  Check out the price!

I also have added in our store another Carhartt jacket that I have.  This jacket is nice to wear for casual wear.  I wear this jacket to my Farmer’s Market, where I sell my candles during the Spring/Summer season.  If you would like to check out our off grid home business you can go to

Mark, you hunted, investigated, and thought this one out and what a superb job you did.  Thank you Babe for such an awesome jacket for our property.  There is nothing like having good outdoor wear when you live on an off grid homestead!

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