Mama Moose Prepares to Protect Baby Moose

A unique aspect of living in Northern Idaho is the fact that it is “Moose Country”.  When we first moved here we could not wait to see a moose and being able to see a male moose with his paddles was and still is a rare treat.  But even rarer is being able to see a Mama Moose or Cow with her Baby.

The perfect opportunity came during Christmas Break.  We had been seeing a female moose at our salt lick over the course of a couple weeks. Then one morning, as I was leaving our chicken coup, I saw what I thought was a female moose and I was able to get our camera set up to film her.  I set up between our two vehicles, because one does not want to get too close to moose, they are big, elusive, and like their space.  When feeling threatened they will charge and one can get hurt.

With that being said, I was able to have one of the most thrilling experiences being able to see nature up close and personal.  There are moments when it all comes together, us and nature, and what a moment that is!

Enjoy the video.

9 thoughts on “Mama Moose Prepares to Protect Baby Moose

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! That was awesome… Amazing that you got the camera set up in time to capture this, and get yourself somewhere safe too. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Dawn ❤

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  2. Years ago I was walking the dog on the logging roads behind the house. We got out pretty far and the dog saw some elk and decided to go play. He barked and ran and the elk charged him. He retreated when they charged but barked and chased them again when they stopped charging. At that point the dog decided to play it safe and hide behind me and I was left with the elk charging me. I grabbed the dog with one hand and waved my hat with the other.


  3. I had a run in with a mamma moose last winter. Was heading over to Allen’s cabin and spotted a young moose running down a trail near my driveway. When I got to the top of the hill behind my cabin I discovered it was a calf and mamma was with it. I shut off my UTV and we faced off about 100 ft from each other, me talking to her the whole time. She finally decided I was no threat and her and the calf walked ahead of me for another 100 ft or so before leaving the road.

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