Labor Day Give Away… Free from our off grid company

You too can be a winner... Join the Living a Sustainable Dream Labor Day Free Give-Away.

You too can be a winner… Join the Living a Sustainable Dream Labor Day Free Give-Away.

Please join us in the fun for our 1st Annual Labor Day Give-Away.

We at Living a Sustainable Dream are giving away a free soy wax candle and air freshener from our off grid business, Pauper’s Candle Company.  The winner of the drawing may choose from our popular summer scents: Sweet Orange Chili Pepper, Cabernet Sauvignon, Toasted Marshmallow, Pomegranate, or Salty Sea Air.

How to be entered in the free drawing…

  1. Like Living a Sustainable Dream on Facebook or signup to follow our WordPress of the same name
  2. Post a comment either in Facebook or on WordPress below this announcement stating your favorite post you’ve read from Living a Sustainable Dream. The most popular post will be re-posted with more background info about it.

We will take the names of everyone who participated and enter them in the free drawing. The drawing will close on Friday, September 9th at 5:00pm.  Anything posted after this time, will not be considered.  We will announce the winner on Saturday at Living a Sustainable Dream WordPress and Facebook.

Living a Sustainable Dream has been up and running since March 2015; We wanted to celebrate it’s success by providing a fun give away to our subscribers and followers.  Thank you for your interest in Living a Sustainable Dream.

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Give Away… Free from our off grid company

  1. I don’t know how anyone could possibly choose 1 favorite out of your “Living Off Grid” ?? There are so many amazing things You and Mark have accomplished in your lives. From building a Home, to making your own Solar Powered Home, to Dream Big and Make it Happen, to becoming Mom and Dad to an amazing young Man, Building a Business, and yes even building a ROAD… So may wonderful idea’s and making them work, even if it does take time and patience at times. I am so impressed and I would Love to get a Candle, Made by You Krista. Good luck, and much love to you and your “Special Family”. ❤


  2. It was a tough decision. I narrowed it down to August 27, 2016 “All work and no play makes everyone crazy…” & July 31, 2015 “First week as a dad …breaking in the bicycle”. It was fun to read about your vacation adventures this summer. But, since I can only choose 1; I choose “First week as a dad… breaking in the bicycle” What a great read – the play-by-play of mastering the ability to ride a bike. And fun to read about the changes now that your family is 3.

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