Grandma’s Amazing Clam Dip

Grandma's Amazing Clam Dip served with Kettle Potato Chips.

Grandma’s Amazing Clam Dip served with Kettle Potato Chips.

Growing up and visiting my Grandparents was always something I looked forward to. My grandma was a wonderful cook and the family always gathered at my grandparents cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. One thing I remember Grandma serving was her clam dip. Everyone enjoyed it and it did not last long. It is a simple dip and yet we all looked forward to having some. When I was older I asked Grandma if I could make it with her. We made with dip together and the recipe has remained in my head to this day.

When I married my husband, Mark, I was excited to make my Grandma’s Clam Dip for him. I was probably more excited than he was when I first made it. He really enjoyed it. The memories I have when I eat this dip make it even better. To this day, I make this clam dip for us during Holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also whenever we decide to skip lunch and just have our favorite snack foods while watching a movie, Grandma’s Clam Dip is always on the list.

Grandma's Amazing Clam Dip is Served!

Grandma’s Amazing Clam Dip is Served!

As I was writing out my Grandma’s Amazing Clam Dip recipe, I realized that Grandma never really had a set amount of clam juice, sour cream, salt, or pepper that she used. It was always by taste. So as you make this recipe feel free to modify the amounts of these ingredients to your liking. Over the years, I have added the ingredient dried crushed garlic to the dip. Mark and I love the added garlic. What doesn’t taste good with a little garlic?

I have taken this dip to many gatherings, when asked to bring a side dish or appetizer. I like to serve the dip with potato chips. I have become a fan of the Kettle Sea Salt potato chip, either crinkle cut or regular cut.

So the next time you want a little snack or are asked to bring an appetizer to a special occasion, try bringing my Grandma’s Amazing Clam Dip. Everyone is sure to enjoy it!

Clam Dip Recipe

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