Three is a Magic Number

Three in the Family

Three in the Family

I have been a Mom now for a little over a month and I am loving it.  As I was looking around our home, I noticed that there are now three of  things where there were two:

3 Boots

Three pair of “muck-luck boots”, three hats, three pair of work gloves, three bikes, three bath towels, three tooth brushes, three sweat jackets hanging on the front hooks, three water bottles, three popcorn bowls, three table settings, three seats filled in our vehicles and three sets of feet.

Three Tooth Brushes

Three Tooth Brushes

3 is the Magic Number

3 is the Magic Number

As I was hanging my sons shorts, shirts and socks on the clothes line along with my husbands and mine, a smile came across my face.  I did not think that I would be seeing “small” clothes on the line.  As I was thinking this, my husband came up and stated, “I never thought that I would see this” as he smiled and pointed to our sons clothes.  Many people have asked how everything is going for us.  All I can say is that things are going remarkable well and that I love my son.  Our lives have changed and yet not really changed.

Mark has been creating “music montages” for our son since we have all been together.  These montages have been about what we have done together as a family.  He absolutely loves these and asks to watch them frequently.  I asked Mark if he would help me put one together.  I gathered all the pictures I wanted and I set the montage to the tune “Three is a Magic Number.” This tune is from School House Rock.  School House Rock aired on TV when I was young on Saturday mornings.  All the animated songs were educational and yet the tunes were catchy and we all memorized our favorite ones.  This little tune fits my feelings.  My son has now seen the School House Rock version of Three is a Magic Number and my Music Montage Three is a Magic Number.  Every once in a while, I hear him humming the tune and it warms my heart.  The other day we were all watching Star Wars, Episode 4 and he saw all our feet on the trunk and stated, “Three is a Magic Number” as he pointed to our feet.  As an aside: My son can now count to 30 by 3’s, due to this little tune.  Just love School House Rock!

And not there are Three

And not there are Three

Mark and I have been blessed by God.  “I think we got the best one”, to quote a line from the 1987 movie Raising Arizona.

Here is the original Three is a Magic Number from School House Rock. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Three is a Magic Number

  1. “I Love it, Love it, Love it”… That’s 3.. one for each of You. I am always so impressed with what your achieving in your lives, and you always make me smile. 🙂 My wish is, that one day I will be able to meet Krista and your Son, and see this amazing life you have built for yourselves. I know your stories touch so many people’s heart’s, and through God’s love.. “Any thing is possible” for those who believe and serve him. You show us all that.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us.
    Hug’s to “The Magical Three”,
    Aunt (Pat) Dawn and Bruce ❤

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